Monday, January 9, 2023

Power out Monday

I'm not feeling tackling Monday yet, but here it is. Funny, I had posted about just buying something for my niece's baby gift and Saturday evening dd messaged me with a link to niece's Amazon baby registry she just set up (on her due date! LOL). Yesterday I picked out a couple of things to have sent to her. I told dd life is so much easier now. In the old days I would have had to make time to go to a store and find something to pick out. Then I would have had to make a trip to the post office to mail it. And in the "old days", where we used to live, you had to stand in line at that post office a good half hour because the line was always to the door, every day all day. This way I was done in 5 minutes. I also realized I needed to add another category to my expenses spreadsheet: Gifts. 

I did have a short phone chat with my mom yesterday. She seems good, though of course the chats are just very superficial. Her mind just remembers the way to make small talk. Weather (and even then she has no idea what the weather is doing LOL), general observations, etc. If I ever try to ask her something specific, she can never answer something like that now.

We got a tiny skiff of snow, not enough to make dh plow, haha.  The sky is looking like it could snow more, but the weather report says not until 5pm.

I thought I was going to be able to do another checking account bonus offer for $300 but then it turns out you have to live in one of the 13 states for this bank and they are all back east. It would have been a really easy $300 to earn, too. Oh well.

Dh and I had a good laugh over this youtube funny video. I'm so sick of all politicians, LOL. They all only care about themselves, their power and their money, no matter which side they are on. Even our local small county is ridiculous. DH watches the weekly meetings that are recorded. There has been one or two citizens who literally take over every meeting. It's beyond ridiculous. I have been to large county commissioner meetings where we used to live. They are run professionally and they are in charge. They deal with what's on the agenda and only those on the agenda get to talk and the citizens can talk during the "open comment" and they get 3 minutes to say what they want to say. That's it. No more. And the council can respond or not, their choice. Our county meetings have been a joke for the past couple of months. I will watch bits of it while dh is watching and I'm just like OMG - why don't they take charge of their own meetings?! There are only 3 commissioners for our county. One is new. Finally, at the meeting last week the other 2 commissioners agreed to put the new lady in charge of the meetings as "chair" and they finally told the citizens if they are not on the agenda they don't get to speak and they can speak for 3 minutes at the end during "open comments". It's about time. The one "citizen" threw a fit, LOL.


The power went out at my main office, so I can't work. No one can. So far it's been out over an hour. Gave me time to work on side job year end stuff. I'm almost caught up for them. I just need to post their credit card transactions.

I was literally just starting to look up the phone number for the memory care place to call and see if I could schedule a tour this Wed afternoon and the guy called me. Somehow he had me on the schedule for this afternoon later? I never set up an appt back at the end of November when I first talked to him and sent the deposit. I said I just wanted to wait and schedule it after the New Year. Anyway, he said Wed at 1:45 is fine, so that will get done on our trip into the city.


  1. Do you think they will have room for your mom at the memory care place soon? Could his call be a sign of that? I hope it is. Good luck!

    1. He didn't say anything about that. Just somehow he had me on his schedule for a tour this afternoon....I didn't make the appt...unless I'm losing my memory!

  2. I watched that over and over and showed Tommy. It was hilarious.
    Your mother knowing small talk and manners and not other things still amazes me. I know of all sorts of proper women who lost all sense of propriety and became combative early in their dementia. She is lucky, I suppose.
    I was at some sort of family reunion and a woman was very interesting and interested in talking to me. At one point, she sat
    on a child's swing set and started saying inappropriate sexual remarks, apropos of nothing. I was confused. Later, relatives of hers said she had dementia and talked about things they had never heard from her before.

    1. I hear/read of so many who no longer can filter what they say. It seems my mom, so far, is still just polite and remembers how to make small talk, at least.