Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Almost ready to go, with an accessory

I woke up a little early this morning, just travel and whatnot on my mind, I'm sure. I grabbed my cup of coffee and sat down to get payroll done. I had done the prep work on it yesterday, hoping that will make it quick and easy this morning. So far so good. I'm done so early, that I'm waiting to email the report for my boss to review, as she's not even in yet, it's so early, LOL.

I think the cat is ready to go too - 

Payroll is done and processed. For the rest of the morning, until we leave for the airport at noon, I'll monitor my emails for anything that needs to be taken care of and spend the rest of the morning finishing getting ready, get the chickens all watered up and more food. Get the cat litter box cleaned out. It's nice not having to feel rushed to get up early, get ready and out the door. Boss said some employees flying out of their area (our satellite office) flight is delayed this morning and she hopes mine isn't. I said my flight last July was 90 minutes late, so that's why I decided to fly over the afternoon before.

The meeting/party is only from 10am to 3pm tomorrow. I can do 5 hours of being social, LOL. DD was watching some traffic times for me this week and it looks like it should only be about an hours drive each way, so much better than I was anticipating. And it's not supposed to be raining, which will make the driving much easier.


  1. LOL! He just makes it as a cute carry on! Fly safely and have fun!

  2. I always try to get an early afternoon flight too - better that than an early morning hassle. Either that or I fly the night before. I don't like flying anyway and adding rush hour stress never helps. Have a safe flight!

  3. For the Alaskan cruise we're planning in May, we are flying in a day early. I do not want to miss a MINUTE of such an expensive vacation. I just can't take that kind of chance. Plus, we've already booked the flights, and leaving from Nashville, TN at 630AM local time - we only get to Vancouver at 430PM local time. Cruises leave at 4 usually, so there's no way we could have gotten there same day anyway.

    Looks like the cat will miss you!

  4. He has probably noticed you take the suitcase everytime you disappear, so he is going along with you. Or, he just wants to mark all your clothing with yellow hair.

  5. Have a great trip and a lovely mini break with your dd. x