Sunday, January 1, 2023

Shopping Sunday

Happy New Year! I made it through new year's eve like every other, in bed before 10pm, LOL. I see no reason to stay up, the new day/year will be here anyway. Plus I was tired from spending the day taking down and packing up all the Christmas decor. The house looks so empty for awhile without it and outside at night seems really dark without all the lights. I did manage to go through some Christmas stuff not used/broken, etc and get rid of a bag of stuff to the garbage can. Doing all that, of course, made my back hurt, but resting up will fix that.

I put in an Amazon order yesterday with some of my gift card balance. A new Keurig (yay!), a nice cover for my ipad, some fruit and veggie supplements for me, and some "bloody knuckles" hand cream for dh. SIL had some when they were here and dh used it. His fingers are just almost raw from the weather so hopefully this will help. This morning I ordered a new 3 bag hamper on rollers. The one we have is quite old and the wheels don't work. Dh is the laundry do-er, so he will appreciate a new one. I'm also looking for a new rug for in front of my kitchen sink. Too many choices, so I haven't yet decided what color/pattern yet to get. I'm leaning toward a oriental style design. Also I see some are stain resistant which would probably be best for a kitchen. I'm messy.

Surprisingly, the past 2 days conversations with mom on the phone have been good for 2 days in a row. I called her again yesterday morning and she was good and then she called me at 7pm "Just to say hi" (which she rarely does anymore) and she even said "say hi to dh" by name. The fact that she remembered his name and in the evening, when she's usually so confused, was a surprise. I see K has been training another new lady the past 2 days. She seems friendly on the camera. The other younger gal I've seen her train a couple times recently seems pretty stoic.

I just have a relaxing Sunday planned. I'm reading a book that I'll probably finish up today and have another one to get started on (both are the latest in series type books). 

The little snow we got the other nights wasn't enough that dh had to plow. It warmed up enough during the day to melt most of it off the driveway.


  1. I may order some of that hand cream- my knuckles and other folds sure are dry. DH just got our tree down. It took me about 5 minutes to say , awe, Christmas is done, to bring well that's a wrap and onwards. We still have a late Christmas with my kids next weekend. I'm sure you appreciate the good days with your mom.

  2. Anne Brew
    A Very Happy New Year to you and your family.
    I also have trouble staying up later than midnight but it’s become a tradition to spend New Years Eve in our local pub which dh enjoys so I’m happy to go along.
    As soon as I woke today and the sun was shining and I realised it was January I felt better, more energy and generally perkier!
    December and Christmas has become too busy I’m afraid. I’m going to streamline it a bit next year although I’m not sure how! x

  3. Quiet night for us, too. Today hubs is working on more drywall repairs, and I've been catching up on laundry and doing some meal prep.
    Glad you are getting some good days with your mom!

  4. It looked sort of dark in the living room with our decorations and lights down. But, now it seems fine. It is strange she does not remember you sometimes, yet she remembers you now and his name.