Sunday, January 22, 2023

Delay and too many rocks

I forgot to mention that late Friday afternoon, I got an email from the carpet guy that the installer he had set up for Monday fell through due to a messy tiling job that took 3 days longer than expected and would it be ok to install our carpet the next Monday, the 30th. I replied, yes, that's no problem. He must have been relieved because he replied back: Thank you soooo much! You are a blessing! Have a great weekend.  I replied back, it's fine, no worries at all!

I saw my mom went to bed around 7:30 last night and then at 8pm she called me, asking if I just called her, as she thought her phone had rang. I said no, but it was probably uncle, as he tends to call at that time of day. She said oh I was probably right and she'll give him a call. She did and he didn't answer and I heard her leaving him a message (she was pretty with it for already being in bed and it being evening). This morning I looked on her call log and it was him who tried to call her. I have told him numerous times that she goes to bed pretty early now, but he doesn't listen. But, at least she went right back to bed after that.

We had a sunny, but cold day yesterday. DH did get some window cleaning done. He was also out in his shop for awhile and when he came in he said he has some more things to throw out. Itty bitty baby steps, LOL. I got two eggs again yesterday.

Since we asked neighbors down the street with the hyper dog to not let their dog run wild, we have not seen the dog at our house, until Friday afternoon and there he was zooming everywhere, then dh saw the guy out in the street calling him, so apparently it wasn't intentional. I'm guessing he was probably walking down the street to meet his kid for the school bus and assumed the dog would stay walking with him, if not on a leash, which of course he would not, LOL. But, at least we have not had to deal with the dog numerous times a day, though I'm sure we're the a-holes for expecting them to monitor their dog's wherabouts.

The last time it snowed, dh did not plow past our driveway entrance. I snapped a picture a day or two later. So, hopefully going forward dh will not plow all the way down to their house anymore, for them. It's fine right now, because dh had kept it plowed and only a little bit snowed, but if we get a good amount at some point (still lots of winter left) they are going to have to plow it themselves. DH and Mr Neighbor keep the street in front our our driveways plowed and then it can melt and dry quickly, so we have bare nice pavement like we do now.

Speaking of roads, Mr has also been pretty disgusted with the excessive use of "sand" and de-icer out on the main road. It's a mess. And it's not sand, it's like pebbles. It's like driving on a gravel road. And the day shift guy kept dumping down the crap and it hadn't snowed since Christmas! The road should be bare and dry by now. Both dh and Mr were like what the heck! Both ended up putting in a call to the local state plow shop. Mr and Mrs are on a retired income and also want their cars to last as long as possible and there is absolutely no need for the amount of sand and de-icer this dayshift guy is applying. According to Mr. what he found out the most probable reason is they have a yearly budget, use it or lose it type of thing, so if they don't use all they were allocated, they don't get that much the next year? How about it's just based on the weather conditions year to year?! The other issue is down the road, near the freeway entrance a brand new gravel pit just started operations. Oh man, the road from there to the freeway entrance/exit is a complete muddy, gravely mess. Mr. commented on it to dh and dh said yes, he's not happy with that either. Dh used to work in road construction and told Mr that where we lived/he worked before that would never ever be tolerated. The construction company/gravel pit operator would be required to have a sweeper truck clean it off regularly and/or also a water truck to spray off the mud. Mr is more involved with local people who are "in charge", so he's going to do some emailing (and he said he went down there and took pictures) about getting this maintained now that there is an operational gravel pit with dump trucks in and out all day long. It will be worse in summer, when they put more trucks on the job. The street going under the freeway overpass to enter/exit should not be a gravel muddy road. Dh also called the main office (in the city) of the gravel pit operating company and asked nicely if they could start keeping this swept up and the guy said he'll pass the request on. Like Mr said, our little county is starting to grow, but there also then needs to be measures in place to control the adverse effects on the community. A business doesn't get to come in and make a profit at the expense of the community/neighbors around it. Hopefully between Mr and dh bringing it to attention, it will start being maintained.

DH was laughing and told me when he picks me up at the airport on Sunday it's going to be zero degrees out. I said last time he picked me up (last July) it was 100 degrees out. I don't get any in between, LOL. And the reason this even makes a difference? well this is such a small airport and a small plane that we have to de-plane on the tarmac and then walk to the main airport building, LOL. I'm either freezing or dying of heat, haha. Then dd will fly in the following Thursday and I'm sure it will be just as cold.


  1. I would be fit to be tied if I had to drive through gravel and mud. There is a place that I have to drive past two or three times a year and it has ruined the surface of my car and put dings in the windshield.
    It's too bad you cannot program your mother's phone not to take his calls after a certain time. I am certain you have told him when to call.
    I wonder if those people will control the dog once the weather is nice. If that dog got into anything you plant, I am quite sure you will have to deal with him again and be the asshole!
    Good for your chickens! Did you name them?

    1. I think I can program her phone to not take calls after a certain time, I will look into that. I named the chickens back when I got them: Gladys, Penny, Queenie