Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Busy day

I decided to email the guy at the memory care place early this morning to see if it would be possible to schedule the tour a little bit earlier today, so instead of 1:45 it's at 11:45. So, I'll do that first, then go see mom, then go pick up groceries at as close to 2pm when they are ready, rather than 3pm and at least get us back home 45min to an hour earlier than planned. Want to get home before it's dark. DH will at least want to spray off the road chemicals from the car and if time, just wash it before he puts it back in the garage.

I missed getting my Walmart order changed to an hour earlier by just a few minutes. I was online first thing this morning and still had the option to change it. By the time I made up my mind what I was doing, it was too late. This is where I like the Albertsons, where it's not a set hour block of time. I called the store directly to see if there was a way to pick it up an hour earlier and I was told no, but that usually the orders are ready about 15 min before the hour time slot, so let's hope that is the case today. 

I really liked T'Pol's suggestion for questions I should ask at the memory care facility tour of what is the residents typical day like. That will give me a good idea what her time there will be like. When I toured that assisted living place last June, next door to where mom is now, it was like the place was empty. I hardly saw anyone there, kind of weird now that I think about it. 

And of course, as we're due to leave in about a half hour, it's started snowing LOL. It wasn't even supposed to snow at all today, one of the reasons I picked today for my appointment and errands.

I'll be back with an update on how the memory care tour went.


  1. Dementia is a cruel disease, my step-father has it, its no fun for either the patient or the family.

  2. I hope your day was a success:)

  3. Hope the visit went well and you liked the place.