Saturday, November 13, 2021

TGIS (thank god it's saturday)

I kind of enjoyed placing my grocery order online with Albertson's. I even got to add digital coupons to things I was buying with links they supply. It was nice to look through their ad and also see what was on sale. Well, I noticed Del Monte canned veggies for .69 which is a very good stock up price, so I ordered some of each to stock up. In the ad was also a coupon (can be added digitally too) for a Butterball frozen turkey for .99/lb (reg 1.99/lb) if spend $25. In previous years with them (and other stores) I've seen $50 min orders. I want to go inside and actually pick out my own size (I want closer to 16#, not 22, LOL), so I will run in and do that after they get my order loaded. I will grab a few other things to get myself to $25. I also want to pick out my own bananas. DH now has cut up bananas on his Cheerio's every morning and doesn't like them super ripe. If I get a bunch that is all the same ripeness they get too ripe before I can finish them and then I have to run to the store in town again in a few days. My last trip into the town grocery store the other day I got 2 just turned yellow and 2 green. That should work better, so that is what I will do tomorrow to pick up some more, get the greenest possible.

I also liked that when you choose your pick up time, they give you from that time until 8pm that same day to pick up. No hour window. It was also quicker/easier to order as everything online is for pick up,  not mixed pick up and shipping, like Walmart is now.

The main page said there was a $30 off coupon code for your first pick up order, but it wouldn't let me use it. I got a pop up that said only valid on your first was my first order! I never could get it to work, oh well. 

So, with a Butterball turkey only being .99/lb and even $1.99 at reg price, I'm not sure where these news articles I've been reading/hearing that the cost of Thanksgiving dinner this year has tripled. I'm finding it to pretty much be the same cost as previous years. In fact, last couple of years I have not gotten a discount on a turkey, so this year will actually be cheaper for me than the past few years.

I decided to go see my mom when lunch starts today. I told her I will stop at Arby's and bring some sandwiches for us to eat. She seemed to really like that plan. That way I'm not trying to be there and gone before lunch or have to wait to get there until after lunch. I'm not leaving my house until just before 11, so I have all morning to get stuff done. I'll be home around 3 or 3:30, so not too late. I can get her laundry going right away and get it all dried and back to her apartment before I leave to. I have 2 new pair of jeans to bring her, hopefully she will remember about them and start wearing them. I'm going to find out where she keeps her jeans (I think she hangs in closet) and put these either right next to or on the same hanger. I need to take a look at her computer while I'm there. I'm sure it's fine, but she thinks it's having issues. I'm not sure there is much more I can do with it to simplify it. I only have her browser and her solitaire games as the 2 icons on her desktop. Several years ago we got her an ipad to play games on and that worked for awhile, but then she forgot about it, couldn't keep the charger with it. When I was moving her here I never did find the charger for it. Got her a new charger, but the ipad just sat there on her tv stand shelf. Finally, I took the ipad to use, as it's a bit more updated than mine that is so old, LOL. 

I ordered all the cans of various beans to make taco soup. It's that time of year/weather when taco soup sounds good and it makes so much I'll have lots to freeze for future meals this coming winter. I'm glad I'm getting the stuff to make it, as dh's long time mechanic friend is coming to take the transmission out of his pickup. He's going to take it back with him to another friend of his who rebuilds transmissions. This option is going to be thousands cheaper than who dh had originally planned on getting it done at. All the hospital/doctors bills put a wrench in that plan. He'll be here tomorrow, so this will be a good dinner for us, and I make it in the crockpot so it can just simmer warm until they are ready to eat. DH said he's also bringing his dog with him. I'll probably leave kitty up in my office, then. My dog is the calmest statue around silly kitty, but I'm not sure how this dog would react to a curious cat and I don't need a big dog crashing through my house chasing a cat!

Now that friend is coming tomorrow to help dh, I'm glad I'm going to see mom/get groceries today, instead. Plus, there is not supposed to be any rain today, like tomorrow, so better day to drive 50 miles each way.

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  1. Albertson's does sound like it is easier. Don't put the green bananas near the ripe ones or they will get too ripe. I keep my greenish ones on the other side of the room! I like them very ripe and gag at the green smell!

    Good for you for taking such good care of your mother. I wonder if she will wear the new jeans. At least you have laundry under control.