Sunday, November 21, 2021

Miscellaneous weekend chores

I had 2 laughs yesterday. The first was I called my mom to say hello and she was busy with wii bowling so she answered with "I'll have to call you back". About a half hour later she did call back. I was like well, she actually remember to call me! Yay! Then the next words out of her mouth were "what are your Thanksgiving plans?"......and then I tell her again I am picking her up on Wednesday and again she has to act like this is some huge inconvenience for me. No, it's just a 40 minute drive. I have to go to the city anyway to pick up some groceries. 

And then an hour later she remembered to call me back - again! LOL

The second was I had gotten kitty some toys when I ordered his food and litter. One is a plastic stick with a stuffed bird on the end of string attached to it. I was taking off the bedding in one of the guest bedrooms to wash everything and see the stick part sticking out from under the bed. I take it out and play with kitty a bit and then start to walk downstairs with it, him following. As I got downstairs was my mom's 2nd call, and I dropped the toy to the ground. As I'm talking to her I hear kitty dragging it back up stairs and when I went back up there he had put it back under the bed! too funny.

DH pretty much spent all day (and all his energy) putting up the Christmas lights. He doesn't have a ladder tall enough to get up on the gables and dormers. He'd probably need a lift to do something like that, not to mention he really isn't a big fan of heights anyway. This will do. More than anyone else in practically the whole county bothers with. We still have some yard stuff to add. After Christmas we bought a manger scene and an inflatable minion. And we still need wreaths on the front patio and a few along the front fence.

I spent most of yesterday washing bedding. I have decided I am too old to wrangle with duvet covers anymore! I tried that rolling method with the smaller queen sized one. It seemed just as much work. Still need 2 people to be able to roll it on each side. I only had me and kept having to walk back and for around the end of the bed to each side of the bed to make one roll. Then I got to the end and couldn't get it to fold over the roll. I gave up and did it the old way, LOL. I did one guest bed and my king sized bed. Then I washed the Christmas duvet cover for the other guest bed. I store it in a plastic zippered bag, but it still smelled musty. I decided to wait and put it on today. I also vacuumed downstairs and before I pulled off the duvet from our bed I decided to try out the pet hair attachment. I hadn't tried it on my first purchase of this vacuum. No matter which vacuum I've had over the years those pet hair attachments were always pretty worthless. But, I wanted to get some of the black dog fur off, before I put it in the washing machine. The thing worked like a charm!

I'm really glad I decided to get the bedding all done and ready early, rather than wait until my day off Wednesday. I tend to procrastinate and think I can get everything done when I really can't.

DD had messaged me that her USPS informed delivery was showing something being delivered from some wreath company. She didn't order it and was wondering what in the heck. Turns out it was a gift from their new investment account lady. I said, huh. All's grandma got from her investment guy after being a customer is a picture of him and his 2 assistants, LOL.

We have 2 out of state friends we always send some sort of Christmas gift to. This year I've decided to send them the Corinthian Bells wind chimes. I think both will like them just as much as we love ours. DD loves the one I gave her.

Dh's mechanic friend was supposed to stop by on his way back home today, to pick up the transmission they pulled out of dh's truck, but he called yesterday and said he decided he's not heading back home until Monday. I told him he'll be here LOL. I was kind of glad to hear it's now Monday, haha. I'll be busy working.

Oh my elbow is sooooo sore! I have not slept on it the last 2 nights and am being so careful, but I think it hurts more now.



  1. Awesome kitty. Always putting his toys away when not playing. Haha!

    1. He's a lot of fun and loves to lay in your lap, too.

  2. Your husband did a very nice job on the Christmas lights. It looks like a lot of work & professional, he's very neat.
    Did you hit your elbow? Is the pain internal? I know it's painful either way.
    Your mr.kitty is training you well!!

    1. He's a bit OCD, so things have to be neat and orderly for him. A week or two ago when it started hurting I thought I must have bumped my elbow and just didn't remember hitting it on something. After several days it started feeling better and was pretty good last week. Then the other night I woke up sleeping on it in a strange position and it was hurting and it's been hurting more every day! I think it must be something like tendonitis? Yesterday was the worst. I put a lot of heat on it.

  3. Love your “mixture” posts. You don’t need to separate your mum’s activities from the rest of the blog - it all works well together.
    But if you do write a separate one about dementia please let us know! x

  4. Thank you. I haven't decided on the separate blog yet. If I do, I'll let you know :)