Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sunday morning quiet

I picked up a premade pizza from the deli for our dinner last night. As dh said, not near as good as my home made pizza, but we were both hungry and managed to eat all but one piece. While I was gone yesterday dh did some work out in his shop to hang his air compressor reel/hoses up on the wall between 2 of the garage doors. He screwed some boards he cut and stained into the wall in between the garage doors to help support the reels. Well, apparently the stupid guy who installed our garage door openers ran the wiring right down the stud and stapled to the stud and dh screwed right through a wire so that garage door opener wouldn't work anymore. He hated that guy the minute he showed up and dh has never felt he did a very good job and then this just proved it. He was like who staples stuff in front of the stud? you're supposed to run wiring down the sides of a stud. So, he found some temporary wiring he had and at least got it to work again. He's going to order the correct wiring and re do it.

His mechanic friend who was supposed to come today and take out his transmission canceled, of course. Not sure now when he will come. It's not like this is a favor type deal. We are paying him.

Looking through Facebook this morning and I see dd and her dh were tagged in some pictures. Looks like they all got to go out and have some fun at a hockey game and looks like they got to sit in a suite, haha. DH and I got to sit in a suite at a pro basketball game one time. It's the way to go, LOL.

My cat is a tv watcher. Crazy kitty. Last night it was the scene in The Proposal where the dog is getting chased and picked up by the eagle. The last 2 evenings dh has taken a nap reclined back in his recliner with the soft blanket over him. Kitty just totally lays in his lap and zonks out and looks so comfortable. He loves going to bed with me and plays just for a minute or so and then sleeps. Until dh comes to bed few hours later and then it's play time and I have to take him back upstairs.

Oh and the new beneficiary form that was supposed to be mailed to my address was mailed to mom's. At first the assistant told me she was mailing it to me. Then she called and said it was getting mailed out of their corporate office back east, so would take a little longer to get to me. But, she didn't say it was getting mailed to mom's address. But I found it yesterday, mixed in between all her tv guides and crossword puzzle books. Good thing I did a thorough look. She used to be good about setting mail on her desk or her kitchen table. She doesn't usually put mail she's opened with her tv guides (plural because she doesn't throw the old ones out) and crossword puzzle books. 

oh good grief. I just logged into Walmart to find something I need to order shipped. Now my "home" store is showing as Sacramento CA. Thank god it's not, LOL.


  1. I have had workmen that I hated on first sight, and they, too, did a horrible job. The worst are the ones that argue. I do know one or two things.
    I wish I were not allergic to cats. Of course, a cat would trip me, eventually.
    Just run on down to Sacramento and pick up your

    1. Cats are good about getting in they way of you walking, that's for sure.

  2. My sister used to sort out my mother's post when she became widowed.
    Bills would be mixed in with cat food vouchers.
    Financial matters had always been my father's area and I suppose it was too late to learn.

    1. My mom always handled their bills. I guess I should be glad she doesn't throw out any mail, so it didn't get thrown away! It just makes me wonder what her mind is thinking as she sees the last 2 months of tv guides piling up and doesn't think she can toss them now. I have a feeling she doesn't even use it to see what's on tv, but last year she kept asking me if there was a guide or something (she kept forgetting there is one actually on the tv/cable) so I thought maybe a tv guide would help.