Sunday, May 17, 2020

Saturday busy

Yesterday was a busy one. After I cleaned up the kitchen and loaded up the dishwasher I went outside to start to tackle the weed mess in the driveway island. We were thinking of planting some wild flower seeds in the island. A hoe and some fairly wet/soft ground made it a little easier I think, but hard work. I got about 1/3 or so done but hadn't yet picked up all the weeds (that were now mixed in with big clumps of dirt) when Dh came out and wondered if we were still going to take the drive to the small town nursery about 45 minutes drive.

It was a sunny day with some clouds and perfect for a drive in the mountains. Just beautiful. Mountains, trees, a river, the pasture areas all green. This town is about twice as big as our little town. The little nursery was busy with folks, which was nice to see. It actually felt like normal life going on.

The only problem with most of the day is that dh was being a total crab (started a day or two before) so anything I said to him I got one word answers. Next door to the nursery is a big gift shop type of thing, which I would have loved to go browse in, but with his mood I didn't even mention it. Walking around a nursery and picking out the flowers and plants is so enjoyable to me and I could spend a good hour or more just looking and picking out stuff, but when he's with me I feel rushed and like he's annoyed if I stop to look or look to read the plants info.

My friend I got the chickens from asked me to pick her up 3 lavender plants. That was about the only thing that DH perked up on as I was handing him them to put in the box he was carrying. He liked the smell and I grabbed another one and said one for me and he said get more. As I was looking around he did also grab 2 strawberry plants. I also bought a few perennials to get us started with our landscaping. I got 2 peony's, 2 dahlia's and some kind of lilly. They didn't have any of the greenery type of shrubs we want to put in, like boxwood or the small pine shrubs, so we will just have to get those at Lowes or Home Depot like we did for our previous house. It's like he felt like he had to pick what they had for our shrubs, rather than not get anything there. I finally just said they don't have what we want for shrubs, we'll just have to get them at Home Depot like before.

As we were getting in the car I looked at my phone and had missed a text 8 minutes earlier from friend asking if we were still at the nursery. I texted back, but no reply. Figured she must have thought of something else for me to pick up. Waited a a few and then tried to call her, but no answer. After about 15 minutes we decided to leave. We dropped the lavender plants off at her house, but no one was home. We figured they must have went up to the old mining camp they care take and were out of cell range. I heard from her later, they were up cutting firewood and out of cell range. She asked me what she owed me for the plants and I said nothing - I owe you for chickens!

When we got home DH set me up an old table outside as a potting bench. He also put a piece of plywood over the sawhorses next to it and set all the plants on it, for easy reach. I got out all my hanging baskets and various pots and got them filled up. I did pretty good guessing how many annuals to get. Then we realized we had no hooks, LOL. My potting area was at the back laundry room door, near the chicken coop, so the whole time I was working it was nice to listen to the chickens cluck and coo.

I then decided to plant the perennials out in the island, instead of wild flowers. DH came out to help me but first we needed to get the weeds picked up. He complained to me the whole time I shouldn't have started on this today, now we had to finish it (no we didn't) because it was going to rain Sunday. I said well if I didn't get most of it done today, the only non rain day for the next week, I wouldn't get to it for maybe 2 more weeks. I'm going to be busy moving my mom next weekend. Then he complained I did it wrong. He didn't want all the clumps of dirt that the weeds were attached to in the wheelbarrow. I did it wrong (though he couldn't tell me how it should have been done, it had to be done with a hoe, they wouldn't pull out the roots by hand). I started just sifting a bit through the clumps and picking up mostly weeds and shortly after they were all in the wheelbarrow (rolling eyes). I put the pots where I wanted him to dig holes spacing them out as much as possible. These are new to me plants, so I'm not exactly sure how fast they get big, etc.  Well, then he had to tell me I planted them wrong, too close together, etc. He knows even less than me about anything to do with plants. Good grief. I said well, they can always be kept trimmed down in size if they get too big - I do have garden cutting shears (again rolling eyes).

Anyhow, I think it looked nice when we got done. My small pots of annuals don't "fit" at this house. The house is too big and the pots too small LOL. They aren't in proportion. I need some big planter pots or big planter boxes, so will have to work on that.

By the time we got done it was dinner time. I was pooped. DH decided to go out and mow the lawn. I was sore and tired, so I took a shower and just made myself a bowl of cereal and had a leftover blueberry muffin. Sat in the recliner and watched a show on my ipad. Then I heard dh had stopped mowing and was talking. I looked out and a friend was driving by and stopped in to say hi for a few minutes. When dh was done he got the fire going to burn up his scraps. I brought him out a salad and sandwich. I didn't stay out there as I didn't think getting smoke in my healing eye was a good idea. This morning my shoulders are very sore, from using the hoe. I still have a bit more to do out there - ugh! LOL.

I still have a few plants to figure out where to plant or what to plant in. I'm not sure if I should plant the lavender in a pot or in the ground. I will probably need another bag of potting soil. My friend had asked if I got to look around the big gift store and I told her no, Ill have to make a trip out there again sometime to do that and she said we'll have to go together sometime, so that would be fun.


  1. It sounds like the lavender soothed husband. Maybe you should spritz him with lavender oil when he gets contrary. Usually plants have information on the plants telling how tall the plants will get. Or, you can look it up on the internet. Of course, you did not have the internet while planting. If you decided you planted them in a way you will not like, it is not too soon to dig them up. I found out that plants are still loose when I need them in a different place.

    The flowers are very pretty. I love peonies but have none. Ants love them. When they bloom, maybe you can show us pictures.

    It is really pleasant listening to chickens while outside. I miss that. What do your dogs think of the chickens?

    1. I will definitely take some pics when the bloom. One dogs doesn't seem much interested. The yellow lab mix is very interested, though he wouldn't hurt them at all.

    2. I need some of that lavender!

  2. I think most women prefer shopping alone don't they!!! There's a good reason for it. But I'm sure your husband will be thrilled when all the plants are in (even if you did "do it wrong")!

    1. Every time neighbor would share her peonies or dahlia's he was always in awe of the flowers. I still don't think he realizes that's what these (hopefully!) will be like, haha. and yes. I hate shopping with him!