Monday, May 18, 2020

Going to be a busy week ahead

Sunday was almost as hard work/busy as Monday. Probably mostly because I had sore muscles from Saturday, still. We have sloping lawn behind the shop so he had created these rock drain fields where the gutter drain pipe had been placed under the ground on each corner of the back of the shop and then came back out into these rocky sections to drain. But it was hard to mow around so he decided to angle them out a bit more. He took out some sod. He had this area of rocks near the chicken coop he wanted out of there and was putting the sod in there. Only it wasn't just pick up all the rocks (various sizes) and throw in the wheelbarrow. No, he had me sort sizes, LOL. The smaller stuff I took and put along the base of shed, between the foundation and lawn was about 12 inches of dirt space. The larger rocks I put in the wheel barrow and he filled in where he removed sod.

Right in back of the shed is basically a small rock wall. Down below is a natural area. One of the pine trees had a bunch of dead branches on the bottom that look ugly so we cut those off. Looks a little nicer and cleaner in that area now.

Instead of weeding the rest of the island by hoe or hand dh decided to just use the weed whacker on it. That half of it was mostly tall grasses. He whacked it all down and I raked it all up. Then he sprayed weed killer on that half. Hopefully that will do the trick. There is a big tree on that end of it and enough room for one or two more plants. I think I'm just going to try putting one lilac bush there. They get pretty big, eventually.

I ran into town to the hardware store and bought some eye hooks for the hanging plants. We put the 4 that are in coco lined baskets hanging from the front porch cover. The 5th one was a wood hanging planter that I put fuchsia in and we hung that on the corner of the chicken coop.

By then I was done and it was 3pm, so I at least got to rest the remainder of the day. DH had some weed and feed leftover from our previous yard, so he used that on an area where the seeded grass is still growing/trying to fill in. He also put our old "antique" push mower down in the back yard, in between the little group of trees (where he used to have some firewood stacked).

Dinner was a steak. Those steaks I received are large, so this time I just made one and we shared it. I tried a "Knorr's pasta sides" with it. Yuck. Won't be buying those again.  At 7pm we watched a movie on Netflix called Badlands and had root beer floats for dessert. Not a bad movie, a bit slow moving, but a decent way to spend a couple hours. Better than watching the news.

DH is just annoying to try to do anything with. He's great at working and getting stuff done, but he'll ask me how I want something or where I want something. So, I'll tell him and every single time he then has to tell me I'm wrong. Example. He brought out the zero gravity lounge chairs from storage and was unfolding them. I went out to the back patio to help and wipe them off. He says he still needs to get the other 2 folding chairs (look similar to the lounge chairs, but just regular folding patio chairs). I point to in front of our bedroom french doors and say put the lounge chairs there and the other chairs here in front of the great room patio doors (where we already have a 2 seat wood chair sitting). He says if the lounge chairs are over there (in front of bedroom patio doors) they'll get rained on....(the only covered section is in the middle, in front of our great room patio doors). Fine, put them under the covered part then and put the 2 regular chairs out on the front door covered patio area. (rolling eyes). As I'm wiping those chairs off, I say "if we are getting a dining patio table and chairs, like we've been wanting, to put out on the back patio in front of the dining room french doors, they will get wet too, if it what do you want to do then?" Finally he realizes that oh, I guess the chairs, with the mesh type fabric are ok in the rain. I said yes, they are supposed to be weather resistant/water proof. I said all the outdoor dining sets the chairs are either the mesh fabric or the kind with fabric covered cushions. Obviously they must be able to get wet.

He asks me where I want to hang the hanging baskets. I tell him and then he tells me where they should go. I don't even bother anymore. I just say ok, sure that works fine, too (because it was literally 3 inches from where I had "in general" said put them up here).  Just like with the plants we planted on Saturday. Says tell me where you want these holes dug and then when I do he has to tell me I'm wrong. He does this with just about everything, LOL. After all these years I don't even bother to argue with him. Once in a while I'll say then why do you even bother to ask me what I want?

I've been getting a bit nervous that my mom isn't going to be mostly packed when I get there Thursday. But she called yesterday and finally got a bunch of boxes from her place. Probably extras from kitchen shipments or office deliveries. I may just bring a few of our tote bins we used for moving with me. If we don't end up needing them, they don't take up much room all stacked together.

The dahlia is close to blooming already :) (even if it is in the wrong spot!)


  1. Trying to work with your husband is very often like trying to dance a tango out of hold isn't it.

    1. Pretty much. Most stuff I'm not that picky about, so he can do it how he wants, after he asks me what I want, LOL. But when it super matters, I'll hold my ground. Like I did with the stain color on our porch/patio beams. After it was all done, he totally admitted I was right.

  2. My husband is the same way and I say the same things back to him. Yet hates to make decisions only like to change mine

  3. Tommy understands what I want, he says. But, then when he does it differently, he swears that is what I said!