Friday, May 29, 2020

A Friday that is acting like a Monday

Then my mom calls this morning and says she's not feeling well (as she has happen usually once or twice a week). Her forehead is all clammy/sweaty and she can't find her thermometer. I said well, it's in her bathroom somewhere, because we found 2 of them when unpacking. She called back and said it was 97. something, so then of course she felt better knowing that. I reminded her she has had this going on for 2-3 years now and she always says "well, this time it was worse" LOL. Within an hour or two she is always feeling better and by afternoon she usually forgets she didn't feel well that morning.

I know this has been an issue with her for awhile now and it was something that she was having happen quite often when she was supposed to drive down and visit her boyfriend and then she'd call him up in the morning and say she wasn't quite feeling well, so she wasn't going to come.  I thought maybe it was related to her obviously missing doses of her medications, and still not so sure it's not related. Since I got her taking them at least somewhat more regularly, starting last fall, she hasn't had nearly the number of these "episodes" and I have literally talked to her every single day since last Fall, after she moved into the senior living situation. I'd also say, since her BF passed on last December, she's hardly had many of these morning episodes.

I'm guessing it's just anxiety caused. I think she probably wakes up and starts worrying about stuff. She gets a little sweaty/clammy. She doesn't really seem to have a stomach ache or nausea or anything, when I've tried to get her to describe to me what she's feeling. Just feels a bit clammy and weak. Then she thinks she has a little fever, which she never does. An hour or two later, she's fine. When I try to remind her this is "normal" for her once or twice a week, she always thinks it's not or it's worse than usual. I called her at 2:30 this afternoon and she was totally fine and of course totally forgot about this morning.

Well, no paving done today. DH finally called the lady at the paving company. Oh, well the trucks (they get the asphalt from a different company) "got pulled" from us to go to another job is the excuse. More likely either they are on COD with the asphalt plant and can't pay for it yet or someone else they are behind on their job with, complained. DH got a little annoyed and said well, some communication as to what is going on and when this is going to get done would go a long way. We've had our car parked in our neighbors driveway all week now, as well as you've got your paving equipment parked on our neighbors property for 9 days now.......and he also said we have 2 other contractors who we are trying to schedule. The sprinkler system guy needs to run sprinklers to finish, but of course we don't want all this wet and him trying to do it the same time as paving.  DH is so mad right now. And now he gets to sit all weekend and stew about it. He kept telling me he "couldn't" call her to find out what is going on because then they just see him as the complaining jerk and then won't do a good job. I said that's crap. We have every right to call her up and ask what is going on....and if they don't do the job correctly, then we withhold payment until it is done to our satisfaction! Who cares if they don't like that they are being called to ask what is going on! I don't get why dh is such a wimp with this kind of stuff. He's certainly not with any other opinion he has, LOL.

Then when DH told her some communication would be good, she got a bit snippy and said we told you. DH said if anyone had told me I wouldn't be calling! The last we were told anything was when one of the workers left on Wednesday and said the head guy (her dh) said to tell you we aren't paving tomorrow, but Friday instead.

My (new) computer has been making this revving noise all week. It's getting on my nerves. I googled the issue and the suggestion was to go to task manager and processes and see what is using the most CPU and try to disable it. It's something called "Webroot SecureAnywhere". It's using like 30%, while everything else is barley using anything. I'm guessing the company IT dept put it on there (it's also showing on my office desktop) but why it's suddenly making the computer revving all the time, I don't know. But when I disabled it, it instantly stopped the revving. I'm going to leave it disabled for now. I'm not in the mood to be annoyed today. Nor am I in the mood to contact our IT dept and deal with it.

The good news of today is my electric bill just received for May is only $118. We should be down in the $100 range now for the next 4 months. We turned our a/c on last night for the first time as it was about 76 inside the house and not very comfortable. Our heat pump doesn't use much electricity to operate the a/c during summer, so that is really nice.

I'm planning to go see my mom again on Sunday. Will get her pill box filled up and then she's got thru next Friday for quarantine, though I don't know why they can't lift it Monday. The state is lifting that requirement, so if she had moved in on Monday, she wouldn't even have had to do the 14 days.


  1. I think workers attend to the squeaky wheel first or to the job where they see more future work. I think he should withhold payment until the job is done. I wonder if the company is going to pay rent for nine days to the people who own the property. Those owners are probably seething but allowing the machinery to be parked there because they think it would annoy you.

    Tommy talks mean and loud to me. But, to a worker or because of a problems he is nice, polite, and lowers his voice. He says if you talk mean to guys who are working they will do it wrong.

    1. We haven't paid them anything at all yet and won't until it's done, but I don't understand why DH would think we'd pay them if it wasn't done properly. Fortunately, our neighbors have been on vacation all week (return tomorrow) so they only had to look at it a couple of days last week, before they left. But, I'm sure once they are back, they won't want it there too much longer. DH said neighbor will probably complain to them and end up getting his driveway resealed or something out of it, LOL.

    2. I suppose resealing is good compensation for the rent of the land.

      I awake all the time feeling clammy and sweaty, damp all over! The doctor just looks at me like I am crazy. I certainly do not feel well, but eventually I dry

    3. I even wake up the same way once in awhile. It goes away. She now just seems to forget that it happens to her quite often and isn't anything to worry about.