Thursday, May 21, 2020

Moving Day 1

Typing from my iPad mini so excuse the typos or auto correct words

Heckofa long day. After a 7 hour drive I got to moms at 12:15. She had about 3 small boxes packed and that was it. A bunch of paperwork spread out on her desk and table. Yikes. First I stacked all the papers and told her were not going to have time to go through all this so I'm just putting it all in her filing cabinet and we can go through it after she unpacks. Oh but in stacking the paperwork I did find the one she was supposed to mail back to her investment broker along with the envelope they sent. She had signed it but never put it in the envelope and mailed it back.

Then I grabbed a box and started wrapping up cups. Why she still has 10 coffee cups I don't know. She has rolls and rolls of paper towels she will never use up si I used a couple of those to wrap dishes in and filled up two boxes. Done with dishes. Then I looked in her fridge and freezer. OMG. Her freezer was stuffed with foil wrapped mystery leftovers from meal after meal. She cant eat all they give her but can't throw it out so puts it in the freezer thinking she'll eat it later. She didn't have a lot in her fridge but the majority of it must have been stuff she brought from her house move 8 months ago. All expired food. A partial package of wrapped cheese slices....dated 2018! It was crazy. That is something she would never ever have let get like in the past.

Her bedroom and bathroom weren't too bad. She had put most of her bathroom stuff in 2 boxes. I took what she had on her dresser and put in the drawers. Took all her shoes in her closet and put in an empty suitcase. She has like 6 extra bed pillows no need for. Will have to figure out how to get rid of. I doubt goodwill takes those. She has like 4 Christmas decor items up on closet shelf. I wrapped in towels and put in her empty hamper.

Once I got busy with it all it really didn't take as long as I thought. Pretty much done by 2:30. Then she wanted to go to her bank. She had two checks to cash and wanted to just get the cash of $93 the checks were. Went inside the store where her bank is and see they have closed this branch for good. Drive 3 miles to another one. She comes back out. She can't cash them without id. She apparently cut up her drivers license when she got rid of her car! Thinking she had no need for it. So ended up just filling out a deposit slip and deposit through drive through.  Now I gotta figure out how to get her some ID.

 We had dinner brought up to her room as she's been having to do for weeks now,  eh. It wasn't that good but the dressert of white chocolate bread pudding in caramel sauce and pecans was delicious. I got to my hotel room around 7 and took a shower and am dead tired. Going to sleep. Another super long day tomorrow.


  1. I am glad it went so well for you. You can get a replacement driver's license just be calling the courthouse. At least, that is the way it is here. Then, she should have to go inside, but at least she can have one without much trouble. Almost 25 years ago, I was flying to NYC and was ridding my purse of things I would not need. I decided I would not be driving, so took my dl out. Then, I decided to take it. Silly me. I would not have been allowed on the plane without it.

  2. Maybe try to see if you can order a replacement driver's license online, or see if you can get a State ID card. It might take about a week or so to receive it, but would make it easier for you. You could also change her address at the same time which she would also need to do.

  3. You must have been so tired - all that driving and then, packing up everything, etc. Hope you have a good day, tomorrow.

  4. I know you will be so relieved when this is all behind you.