Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday what not

DH spent the morning yesterday laying down these rock slabs to make a little pathway from our back laundry room door out to the chicken coop. Cute!

Today we are supposed to get the wire fencing for that open part of the coop. I'm not sure if DH has to go pick it up or they are delivering it. Still no word from the mason to do the stonework around the base of the shed. The gutter install guys are supposed to come today, as well as the freaking mold mitigators....(is that a word?) DH wants them to spray their solution up in the eaves where he took off the soffits as there is some mold, before the insulation guys come to re-do it. He did take a peak up in the soffits of the garage and all looked good there, so he was very relieved. Obviously they insulated that part right.

I was going to buy something on Kohl's online to use my $10 Kohl's cash but apparently the April card holder free shipping code isn't good for the whole month. I don't much see the point in spending $9 for shipping to save $10. And I really don't want to spend $75. There isn't really anything I can think of as a "need" right now. Bummer, because it also seems such a waste to not use that Kohl's cash.

I did just get a whopping check for $9.15 from our co-op telephone company.  Their annual member distribution, but I know I didn't get one last year. I think so far I've only gotten one check the 3 years we've been with this telephone company. I'd rather they just put the money into improved internet, LOL.  I had to buy a gallon of paint on Saturday for our house trim color. Dang - that stuff is expensive at $45 a gallon, but there is a $10 rebate so I mailed that in this morning.

So, I just placed my Walmart pick up order. I already had just about everything in the cart still, from trying last week. I updated a few items. There were time slots available all morning tomorrow. By the time I clicked on check out the daytime slots for tomorrow were gone and a bunch more of my items were out of stock. So, I am picking up Wednesday morning at 9am. I figured maybe a midweek morning slot might not be as long of a wait for them to actually bring out the groceries to my car. We'll see. With a good portion of the stuff out of stock, I guess I'm going to have to try Albertsons anyway to see if I can fill in the rest of the items.

OMG, I'm getting as forgetful as my mom! LOL. I am scheduling this mobile vet to come out and give the dogs exams and I had told him anytime next week. He emailed back how about Friday May 1 at 9am. I say great. Then my eye doctor specialist office just called. They need to reschedule my May 1st appointment to April 29th. Ok, no problem. I get off the phone and think oh geez - what time was that appointment originally on May 1st? Probably the same time I just scheduled the vet. Yep, it was. Well, whew - glad she called to reschedule the eye appointment LOL.  Day 5 in a row of my eye still doing well.


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    1. thank you! it's been a lot of work for DH and still quite a bit to do to get it finished.

  2. That's a nice looking shed/structure.
    I hope your eye continues to improve. 🤞🏻

    1. Thank you! Each day with the eye feeling good is so nice. I hope it keeps up :)

  3. That's a lovely looking chicken coop! Lucky chickens! :D

  4. Looks good! Our chicken coop is almost finished. We just need a bit of extra muscle for one particular part, then to fashion an apron to keep out any potential "diggers." (Coyotes and raccoons come to mind.) Finally, we need to put up a fence of some sort. We should also probably put netting above to keep out eagles and hawks as well, but that might not happen until later in the season. Overall, it's been a great project for DD. She has done a great job of overseeing this project, beginning with the research she put into ordering the kit, to taking instruction well from DH on how to construct it, and learning how to delegate authority to her brother. The only problem I am having with her is on the color she wants to paint it--she has her heart set on lilac!!!

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    1. thanks! I can't wait to see the door and wire fencing on it :)