Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday is starting out good

It was a really relaxing weekend, for the most part. Weather was cloudy and damp all weekend, but warm (relatively speaking!) at high 40's. We sure haven't been seeing the sun much, though.

I got a book (ebook) read. Craig Johnson's latest Longmire book. Good, as always. I had finished watching all the Netflix Atypical shows, so I didn't have anything else I'm watching right now. DH has really just been taking it easy the past week, which is not his normal style. We talked a bit about our next project, which is getting the pantry shelving put in. Put that $500 we got for selling the topsoil towards it....or buy a chest freezer for the garage. For right now, even though not ideal, I just have an old bookshelf in the pantry. I'm thinking I'd rather have a freezer, right now.

I called my mom yesterday morning and caught her in the dining room finishing up breakfast. That was good, as it doesn't sound like she had been down there much this past week, for breakfast. She sounded a lot better than Thursday and Friday. And one of BF's kids was going to be there all day Sunday with him, so she wasn't having to help him all day, either.  My uncle called me around dinner time yesterday and said he had just talked to her and thought she sounded better than prior several days, but not as good as the week before. I told him I think last week BF's kids weren't coming very much, and she was doing it all, plus she missed her meds on Thursday.  I'm going to order that digital calendar/medication reminder thing on Amazon and have it sent to DD's this week. She can try it out, set it up, and take it to mom when she goes to see her Thanksgiving weekend.

Ever since my trip to see my mom, I cannot seem to get back into the routine of doing MTurks. Ugh. I did manage to do like $60 last week, nothing terrible, but not was I was doing the past 4 weeks.

My boss is on vacation since last Friday and for a few days this week. She usually checks emails and though I really try not to email her when she is off, it was one related to an employment verification. She then texted me a picture of a beach/ocean and said this is where she is reading emails from. I replied back "ohhh nice! You really shouldn't be reading emails at all!".

My mom just called me this morning, while she was sitting waiting for her breakfast. She still sounds good, and I'm glad she's back to eating breakfast down in the dining area, rather than just banana and toast in her apartment. She said the plan is still to move BF tomorrow and his daughter is taking a few of his things over to the new place today and asked my mom if she wanted to ride along, which will be good for her, to see where he will be staying and get out and do something.

Let's hope for a good week :)


  1. I feel quite sure the "ride along" is to their benefit and she will be asked to help out with something--moving or him.

  2. Replies
    1. she is 78. She ended up not going. I guess she was still at breakfast when his daughter was going over there this morning.

  3. I am so glad your mom is starting to feel better. Have you thought of maybe a referral to a doctor who specializes in elderly patients? My aunt is older than your mom, but recently saw someone who specializes in elderly patients. They might be able to run some tests in regards to her memory etc. I hope the clock is useful, I am considering one for my aunt!

    1. she has seen her dr a few times in the past year. I'm not sure if he specializes in elderly. I'll have to check. She has been to him specifically for her memory issues. They did an MRI about a year ago. Last summer he adjusted one of her meds (for anxiety) reduced dosage by half. I recently read her medical notes online from her recent visits. Basically, it sounds like he said she has short term memory issue, but otherwise is very cognizant and functioning. He recommended she move to retirement/assisted type living place where she could have more daily interaction with others, rather than living alone.

    2. Excellent!! There has been so much going on this last little bit, I am sure once she can get into a groove her spark will keep sparking!

    3. I think once she can start socializing and doing activities we're going to see a change. She's always been social, but hasn't gotten to be for awhile now.

    4. yes, she has had so much going on these last few weeks especially. i cannot wait for her to get out there and enjoy herself.

  4. Glad to read that Monday was good. Hope the rest of the week will be good, too. :)

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