Friday, October 5, 2018

Vents, doggo's and food

Today our shop soffit vents are finally getting installed. The lone framer (because head framer is getting  married tomorrow and his brother, one of the other framers, is also off today) is doing this job today, by himself. Or rather, with DH's help, of course. Hopefully this was done soon enough and no mold has started growing up in our attic space above the ceiling! DH will have to go up and check. The rain stopped and we get a cool sunny day today. Rain is supposed to start up again this afternoon. Sigh....

Our oldest dog just turned 10. I think he's starting to get arthritis in his right shoulder or something. After sleeping or taking a nap, he's stiff and will limp a bit on his right front leg. Then once he gets moving he's fine. I have been giving him cosequin the past few years for his joints, per vet recommendation, but I'm sure at some point his age is catching up with him. Makes me sad. He's my sweet momma's boy.

The other evening our neighbor was out mowing his lawn and his dogs were out running around. Two of them apparently like to take off and one of the local service trucks driving by pulled in to tell him he saw his dogs down the road about a half mile or so. He got in his truck to go find them, but no luck. We were standing between our properties talking with him. DH offered to go look for them, but he said don't worry, they always come back. They had been seen by the service guy in the direction behind where we were facing talking to neighbor. Next thing I see, behind our neighbor, in the opposite direction of where the dogs were last seen, was the two dogs running across the fields on their way back. They didn't have a care in the world and no clue they were being looked for haha. It was the funniest thing. They just showed up like "hey guys...what's going on?!". Goofy dogs. Another reason we are getting a fence. While our dogs did not run off with them, they would probably eventually learn those bad habits and join them. They have too much fun playing with those dogs.

I was trying to make more room in my tiny fridge, so I tried powdered coffee creamer. Yuck. Had to go back to buying liquid. I've been trying to find new things I can make for dinner that doesn't require having to buy frozen or refrigerated food (no room!). It's hard. I did try some Progresso Pot Roast soup last night. DH really liked it and wanted more. I guess I'll have to make 2 cans at a time. Might try more of their soups, too. Though I'm not buying them from our town grocery store. The can was like over $3. They are $1.69 at Target. Still need more dinner ideas though. I just don't have much room to stock up on anything refrigerated. I can get a few days at a time, which stinks. I don't mind shopping once a week, but really don't like having to twice. And it's like I'm almost out of something, but I can't buy a replacement when I'm at the store because I have no room for the replacement until the first is gone. Like a carton of eggs or 1/2 gallon of milk. At least with the eggs, when I have 2-3 left I will put them in a small container to take up less room and then can add the new carton. So, like I was in town at the store 2 days ago, but couldn't get everything I would need for next few days because I don't have anywhere to put in it the fridge. So, now I'm needing to go to the store already again.


  1. Do you like salmon croquettes? I found a can of Hormel beef and gravy. It is delicious. You can cook potatoes the way you like to go with it. Or, make sandwiches.

  2. Have you ever tried the single coffee-mate liquid creamers? They are shelf stable so it would save you room in your fridge.

    I'm often amazed at how our dogs always seem to find their way back home. At 15 years of age, they don't run off near as much as they used to, but when they do, they sure are tired when they get back home. With other dogs around to encourage exploration, you are wise to fence your dogs in!

    I read your post about the mold. My biggest suggestion would be to read up on it as much as you can. Knowledge is power!

    On a side note (and more than a little late!) did you and your hubby ever look into Timber Frame Homes? Way down the road, we are wanting to do an addition to our home and really like the look.

    1. I've used the single creamers at the office and they aren't too bad. Might try to find some of those to buy. We've never let our dogs run off, I'd be too nervous something would happen to them! We love the look of timber frame houses, but never really looked into them, figured they were out of our budget. We are going to use some timber frame "look" on the front porch and back patio covers