Monday, October 29, 2018

Catching up: the office

I'm back. Had a great few days away from home.  I flew out late Thursday morning and arrived just before noon. Since it's a fairly short flight, the plane is a smaller turboprop plane. We have to actually walk out of the tarmac to board, haha. I had a smaller overnight bag, so I was able to take it with me inside the plane, rather than dropping it off onto the cart, where they put them all under the plane. Saved me a few minutes getting off the plane, as I didn't have to stand there (in the pouring rain) and wait for the cart to be brought over.

DD was waiting to pick me up and we took the short drive (like 10 minutes) to my new office. What a great new office space they created. My boss gave us the tour around it all. Said hi to lots of people and lots of hugs. Then we went out to lunch. The funny was the day before when my boss emailed about taking us out to lunch, I was about to email back "let's go to the bakery place" (that's my favorite) and then realized "oh, that's at the old office" LOL. Then when DD and I were driving to the office, she also said "too bad we can't go to the bakery for lunch, it was my favorite". Then my boss says "do you guys want to go to the bakery for lunch?" They have one of them nearby their new office! Got to have my favorite "pasta penne with roasted chicken".  We went back to the office and then my boss took me around to introduce me to all the new people I did not know. So many new faces. I said I felt like I was the new employee, haha. It was so great to meet them all and especially a couple of them, who I email with on a daily basis. I got hugs from them, too.

The office is so nice. Everyone's desk raises up, if they'd like to stand. No one has telephones. All new system with bluetooth or to cell phones. Lots of Pottery Barn furnishings. A coffee bar, with espresso machine. A weight room. A pool table room. A couple of bikes to ride the bike trail during lunch. Lots of good parking. Apparently the old office, now with a majority of the parking not being used (it hasn't been leased out yet) has become even more of a homeless campground. More rv's parking and now tents in the parking lot. Just crazy. There are still several smaller businesses inside this building and they have to put up with that?! Everyone is so glad to be out of that area.

We left about 2:45 to head up to DD's house, about 55 miles away. Expecting a 2-3 hour rush afternoon drive, but it wasn't bad at all.  Took us a little over an hour. Her fiance got home not too long after we did.  Had another food I've been craving, for dinner. Papa John's pizza :) Visited and watched some tv. Got to see this season's episodes of Big Bang Theory and then we watched the newest episode that evening.

More to follow.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time and you needed the break. Can't wait to hear about the rest.
    I love penne pasta:)

  2. The new office sounds wonderful! I can't imagine there is much turnover in a place that treats the employees so well. Eager to hear more about your trip.

    1. My DD asked if all the new people were because others left and I could only think of one. The rest were all new positions added to the company in the last year or two :)

    2. Do they need a nurse on staff? Lol

    3. haha! no nursing needed. My DD would have loved to work there and my boss would love to hire her, but it's just too far of a commute from where she lives. One of my co-workers has both her daughters working there.