Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cold, hot or warm

We kind of were slow to get going yesterday. Finally, around 1:30 we got outside and DH started putting in the "blocking" for the recessed lights in the garage. At least for this (compared to the shop) there were only 9 to install (instead of 30) and he only had to stand on a ladder to reach. Much easier, though for some reason he sure seemed to be having trouble even screwing a dang screw into the boards.  Finally got done around 7:30pm (we should have started earlier!). The late dinner was some New England clam chowder soup, crackers, and some jello parfait.

I don't know what he has been puttering around outside this morning doing. It's only 34 degrees out. I see our neighbors have a couple of fires going - burning brush, etc. I just finished cleaning "house". Which consisted of washing the dishes from yesterday, cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming the carpet we have in our sleeping area and a couple of runner rugs in the "kitchen", and dusting what I can. It sure seems to get dusty in here, which I'm sure is from all the construction.

The framers are supposeded to have the house roof done and sheeted by the end of this week. The garage/bonus room is sheeted and so far about 1/4 of the house is. They still have to install a big beam across the great room and then they can finish framing the roof and sheeting it all. With what they have sheeted so far on the roof, it's making the house look a lot more "normal" size, haha. It was looking huge to me up until then.

I finished that good book "The Snow Child". Of course, it's one of those that leaves you wondering what exactly happened, at the end. While it was a very good story, I like to have answers and closure, LOL. Then my next book reserved became available and I quickly read that one in about a day and a half....the latest in the Longmire books. Now I'm starting a science fiction novel called "Station Eleven".

We are trying to figure out our heater, here in the shop. The inside temp of the shop seems to stay during the day around 70 degrees. We have the heater set at 63, but it comes on all the time. By morning it's like a toast 73 degrees inside. I'm guessing it gets warmer during the night because the door isn't being opened a hundred times a day. But, what we don't get, is if we have it set at 63 and it's higher temp than that inside, why is it even coming on? The guy who installed it did mention something about it coming on to circulate air, too, so maybe that's what it's doing, but it sure seems like it's heat. The heater is on the wall on DH's side of the bed. The past few morning he sees our inside temp at 73 (he's too warm) and says "it's 73 degrees in here, did you turn the heater up or something". And each time I say "no....I haven't touched it....."Finally this morning I said, well, then turn it down a few degrees to 60!

We have two temperature sensors inside the shop. One is on the other side as part of the garage door openers. Right now they are saying 67. Then Dh has a "weather station", over next to the heater wall and it is saying 69.  The heater, set at 60, just kicked on for about a minute, blowing, heat. I don't get it. But, I will make sure it's turned down to 60 at night when I go to bed and see if that helps not get it so warm during the night.


  1. It's 77 and sunny here. The heater coming on all the time would puzzle me, too.

  2. It almost sounds like a faulty thermostat. Nice, though, that you are able to keep your "shouse" warm! As for housework, I'll trade ya! Lol

    1. it's a quick clean up, LOL. I'll have to dig out the paperwork on the heater and see if I can read any info on how it works