Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tuesday this, that, and the other thing

The fence guy called yesterday afternoon and talked to DH.  Now he's coming today to get started. Not that we are in any big hurry for the fence, but just would be nice to have known what's going on/when it will get done. Plus, he needs to get us an updated quote, since we are not having as much fencing (by probably like 200 ft) as originally. Originally when he came out to look at it (with DH, I wasn't out here) DH wanted fencing across the back of our property. I said no way. I'm not looking out the back of our house to look through a fence to see the river! He then thought about it and realized I was right.

I read the saddest email from one of my company owners. I can't give details, but he was sharing with all of us what has been going on with one of his children and why he's been so absent (physically and mentally) lately. I cried reading it, just heartbreaking. Just goes to show you you never know what other people are really going through in their lives. On the surface you'd think he has it all.

I get to see my mom twice this month! She and her BF are going out of state to get him some medical treatment. Some kind of shots for his knees and shoulders, which are always in pain for him. I guess he's been trying to get into this doctor for months and finally has. They are driving there. He gets the treatment Friday and then has to stay there 5 days for blood tests. On their way home they will drive through our area and stop to see us. Plus, I will get to see her at the end of the month when I fly over there for a few days.

I can't remember if I followed up on my FIL yet. He was able to go see a very good specialist who does a lot of stent surgery for his type of problem(s). He feels he can do a successful stent placement, so FIL will be having that later this month. I'm sure he will feel so much better.

DH's brother contacted him again yesterday, so DH called him. They had a normal everyday kind of chat, rather than brother lamenting on childhood issues. DH just told him stuff about building our house and the good and bad of it all, haha.

One of DH's old buddies, he'd known since he was like 19, passed away recently. Sad deal. We hadn't had any contact with him in years, due to his alcoholism problem, but that is what he died from at age 55. Just a slow way of committing suicide, in my opinion.

I'm still trying to work M-Turks every day. Yesterday was about $4. Really, I've found the only way I can get much of anything from it, most days, is to just constantly keep checking back throughout the day. Since I've really been making a concentrated effort the past two weeks, I've earned about $60.


  1. About one of your owner's problems, indeed we probably shouldn't judge someone's exterior when we haven't walked in their shoes. It's sobering sometimes!

    1. The grass isn't always greener. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

  2. I keep saying I am going to sign up for MTurks and then forget!

    1. if I recall it took me a while to get approved for it, but finally did. It's a nice little extra bit of money