Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The day is starting out good

DH's mail order prescription shipped on Friday. I've been following tracking and it was showing to arrive this Friday. I'm like it better! He is out of pills after this Friday! Then when I got my USPS informed delivery email this morning, I see it is being delivered today. Ok, I feel better now ;)

I'm trying to forward an email from my personal email and it keeps saying "server unreachable". I'm getting annoyed. This is the last step in this long process I've been working on for my side job - I finally have the new converted company file and now I need to get it to side job boss, so she can download it into her Quickbooks on her laptop. I just need to forward the dang email, LOL.  

Dh did get the lawn work done yesterday, so he should be able to rest up now for a few days.

I had payroll to do today. Notice I said "had" and it's only 9:15am this morning. I am done and submitted already. It's a miracle. One of those rare times I had zero questions come up to check with my boss on (usually there are PTO's that don't match up with what we have on the calendar or hourly people who messed up their clocking in/out). I had done most of the prework yesterday, so this morning went super fast. It's a Christmas Miracle. Wooohooo!

Well, back to work. I still have to do our monthly business tax report to the state.


  1. It's a half Christmas miracle. lol

    I saw this morning in a daily email that today is Half Christmas.

    I have Informed Delivery, but I didn't know they sent emails! Thanks for that tidbit. I've now logged in and updated my settings. I was just logging in every day (or on the days I remembered, lol) to see what was coming. That's really neat.

    1. That's funny, I guess it is halfway to Christmas haha. Glad you found the informed delivery email updates. I find them handy.

  2. I can remember well the glitches in getting payroll done so many times. Getting it done so early and easily is definitely a miracle.

    1. Makes for a productive day, when I don't have to spend half the day working on it.