Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Half day

I have about 90 minutes before our power is supposed to go down for 4 hours. My phone and ipad are charged up. I guess I also see a nap happening this afternoon LOL. I also left the dishwasher to be emptied to wait and do it while I have 4 hours of not being able to work.

DH sat all day yesterday with no update on the delivery of his lift. By that point it had been 2 1/2 business days of nothing resolved. His email back to the sales buy didn't even warrant a reply or call back from the sales guy. At 4:30pm he called the mfg, where is shipped from and said here's the deal. I want an answer as to when this will be delivered. I don't want to hear anymore that the truck broke down - that was 2 1/2 days ago. I want to know where it is and when it will be here, or I want a refund (this is NOT a cheap lift). The guy said he'll call him right back and he did. He said the lift is still at the transporters facility (where they took it after they picked it up from mfg) in So. CA, and will be on it's way Wednesday. He will get a call on Thursday for his 24 hour delivery notice and it will be delivered Friday. Considering the transport company's history, we are not holding our breath that there's any truth in this. They've known since last Friday afternoon this was not on it's way and it was still sitting there. I'm sure if dh hadn't called yet again, yesterday afternoon, it would still be sitting there.

I still want to know how this driver got dh's info, said he had it (as of 2:30 Friday afternoon) and was going to be in Montana by Saturday. Then supposedly broke down an hour later and the lift was taken back to Ontario CA (from wherever he supposedly broke down) and then on Monday morning, when dh calls this same driver back, he says he's in MT, but without dh's lift....??  Huh?

DH was chuckling a bit when he was relaying some of his conversation from the other day with the son and daughter in law of the couple buying the lot next to us. Being property on the river we have certain building rules we had to follow: we had to build back at least 25 feet from the edge of the bank and we could not excavate anything in that area. The guy says to dh, so what do they actually consider the bank? down at the river's edge? We are on high bank, meaning there's a very steep slope from the top edge of our property down to the edge of the river, but part of our 2 acres is this steep slope. We legally own down to the "high water mark" (a bit vague, LOL, but about 2/3rds to 3/4th of the way down the hill is the high water mark). Dh says no, the 25' you have to build back from is at the top of the hill. The guy says well you must have excavated out some of it to build your house? It looks like less than 25'. Dh says no, it's built back more than 25 feet, we did no excavation there. 

This is where dh was kind of chuckling - our back yard, between the house and the edge of the bank, is full of big trees - trees that have to be at least 100 years old, LOL. I don't think we excavated and then managed to get trees the size of these grown in 6 years ;) I mean - here's me looking UP at the trees outside my upstairs window

It's a nice day, the rain appears to be done with.

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  1. I don't blame you for saving some tasks for when there is no electricity.
    That is funny about where the bank is and asking about your excavating.