Friday, June 7, 2024

Beautiful Friday

I see DAN has lowered his price on his house for sale by another $25k. That's twice now he's lowered it in less than a month. He hasn't lowered his lots for sale yet. Those have only been on the market 6 weeks (whereas his house has been over 2 1/2 years).  I still think he probably $100k too high on his house. I did a google search of zillow estimates of houses in his neighborhood. Nothing is as high as he's trying to get. There are 2 homes that are valued at $25k and $50k less than he's asking and they are both almost 2000 square feet bigger than his home! The rest of the homes in his neighborhood are about $150k less than he's asking. Crazy.

Another beautiful blue sky day I am seeing out my office window this morning. And it's Friday!

A rancher friend stopped by yesterday with some very nice steaks from their cattle. So, I think tomorrow night we'll be having some steak for dinner :). He dropped off 2 ribeye and 2 t-bone steaks. Plus we had a nice visit with him. 

This week I had to do my assistants work so that I can get March work finished up and the financial reports created. Hopefully I can have the report done up by the end of today. That's my goal anyway.

Another week passed and I still haven't received the social security payment for my mom. Almost 5 months since she passed. They sure don't make anything easy, do they?  

Back to work and see if I can get my goal accomplished today.


  1. That is a spectacular view. I am glad you have an assistant to help you. /s Is there a picture of his house with gravel yard you can share?

    1. That's the problem - the assistant has been of no help of late, LOL. I'm having to do his work so I can try to stay caught up. Any picture of his house I've tried to save can be reversed searched back to his listing/address and I don't want to disclose his personal info. Just picture 1.5 acres of gravel with a house in the middle...sitting in the middle of a nice neighborhood of similar nice homes, who all have landscaping

    2. Correction, about 1/3 of DAN's property (surrounding the house) is all gravel. The rest is just sagebrush. It looks nothing like all the other home's landscaping in his neighborhood.