Thursday, June 13, 2024

Day 5

I caved a little bit yesterday. After I got back from the doctors office, I had lunch of a slice of whole wheat bread with a little peanut butter. Mid afternoon I had a snack of some grapes. Dinner was a big salad. We were sitting out on the front patio, enjoying the warm weather and I went to get dh an ice cream bar from the freezer in the garage. I had also bought myself some No sugar added Klondike bars to try. They weren't too bad. I ate half of it and wrapped it back up and put it in the freezer to eat the rest another time. Half the square bar is 2.5 grams of sugar, so not bad at all.

This morning my coffee was back to decent, at least, LOL. And no sugar in it.  In TMI, Tues and Wed I had diarrhea. I have now read that that can happen getting off of sugar, as your gut microbiome is resetting. It will be hard today to see if what I am feeling is from the less sugar or the 2nd shingles shot.

My blood results are back and the hemoglobin and hematocrit as still slightly elevated, but a little lower than 6 weeks ago. The doctor said she is going to have the lab do a "smear test" on my blood to see if they see anything else concerning. She said she's not sure what could be causing it, since I am feeling well. She said it could be mild dehydration (though I have really been trying to drink lots of water of late and especially did yesterday) or undiagnosed sleep apnea...She said if this extra smear test doesn't show anything, she wants to retest again in 3 months.

Well, DAN has his lots under contract, as of yesterday. No clue who is buying it. While we were outside last evening watering flowers, a pickup pulled in (that dh had seen here awhile back and the only one he's seen look at the property) and parked down in front of the farther lot. We were outside for like an hour and never saw the guy walking the property at all. Weird. You'd think if you just went under contract you'd want to walk all over the lots, haha. I guess we'll find out eventually. DH's guess is it's a builder/contractor who bought it. If a couple had bought it to build a home, a wife would be with him and both times it was just the guy by himself. We're just blown away that someone would actually pay that much. There go up our property taxes again next year.

Here's my PSA - if you want to keep a house in the family after you die, please do not put it in a reverse mortgage! It's fine if you heirs are just going to sell it, but not if it's something everyone wants to keep in the family. We have some friends going through this. The property and house has been in the family for generations. The lady willed that to her granddaughter, only it has a reverse mortgage on it and the granddaughter was going to try to get a mortgage so she could keep it (a lot of stress on her). Before she could do that the granddaughter passed away. Now it's even more of a mess for the remaining family members to try to keep this in the family. Sad. I don't have anything really against a reverse mortgage, especially if it helps keep a person in their home, but don't do it if you expect your family to keep the home after you die.


  1. That backstory on your friends is so sad :( why make a reverse mortgage a condition?! Confusing. I am glad your doctor is following up on your results. I hope the new neighbours are at least polite!

    1. I'm guessing the grandmother needed the money in her later years, but like a lot of people who get these reverse mortgages don't realize the affects of ownership after you die. The reverse mortgage has to be paid off when you die (unless a spouse was on it as well, of course) or the property ends up reverting back to the bank :(. In the case of an heir who just sells it, they would then have to pay off the reverse mortgage out of the sale proceeds.

  2. I never heard of a smear test for sleep apnea. I could never wear a cpap if I were diagnosed.
    Even sadder is when reverse mortgage is obtained and only husband's name is on the contract. Then, the surviving spouse is homeless.
    Diarrhea when going off sugar? I guess I have to keep eating No, that is not funny.
    It will be interesting to see who finally gets those lots.

    1. The blood smear test is just to see if anything more concerning shows up in my blood that might give her a clue why it's elevated. She was just saying that's a possible couple of reasons for high levels, it doesn't test for sleep apnea. She replied back that she's not too concerned since it's barely over the high limit and has stayed steady from the last blood work.