Saturday, October 8, 2022

Worried kitty mom

I'm sitting here this morning with my cup of coffee and the cat in my lap. He apparently had some (mis)adventures all day yesterday and is now content to just sit here. I let him outside around 8am yesterday morning, as per usual. Usually he is back sometime in the next 2-4 hours and then is content to stay inside. Just after lunch time I was on a work zoom meeting for like 90 minutes. By the time I was done working at 4:30 and went downstairs I realized I had not seen kitty all day. DH had been in and out to the shop all day. I went out to the back patio and called and called. Then went out to the shop to ask dh and he realized he hadn't seen him all day either. I walked around the property calling/looking for him. We ended up doing this several times until it got dark around 7:30 pm. We were both pretty worried as he has never been gone like this long before. When it got dark I turned all the back patio lights on, as that is the door he comes to come in. DD kept messaging me asking if he'd come back yet. Finally at 8:30pm he showed up! Thank god. I went to bed around 9pm and for the first time ever kitty slept the whole night on the bed. I didn't have to take him upstairs to my office. Whatever happened to him yesterday he just wanted to be with us all night. I haven't let him out this morning.......

I might be picking up a very easy/little time involved side job. I'll get more details probably next week. The company I work for is involved with/helped create a small non-profit organization and they need someone to do their bookkeeping. The guy that runs the non-profit (it's all part time for those involved) used to work for us, so I remember him. I can't imagine it would be more than a few hours a month. My boss asked me about doing it and said don't feel obligated at all, but I said sure, that would be no problem. I don't know if I mentioned this on my blog, but I recently found out that at some point my other good paying side job is most likely going away. I don't know when, but I'm guessing next year. The owners are going to be selling and retiring and the company that would be purchasing it is already completely established, so would just be merging this business into theirs, so already have an accountant/staff. So, having this new little side job would help take the sting out of that lost income, when that happens.

DD and SIL facetimed us yesterday afternoon - they closed on their 5 acres and were there walking around with the dogs and showing us. We're so excited for them. The land looks very quiet and private. Pretty much all trees. The majority of their lot is to the left of the road.

First up is figuring out where the house will be built and then they have to get a permit to cut down trees and I guess that take 60 days to get. At some point they'd also like to pave the driveway they will share with another house and that couple said they are interested in having it paved, too, so they could share in the cost.

Now the cat is curled up on the floor next to my desk. He apparently has grounded himself and no desire to go outside. 

I think I might make a cake today. I have made any cookies or cake in a long time. 

Dh and I have been watching and kind of chuckling a bit about this local jerk who has been trying to sell his crappy place. He's just a community trouble maker and so many will be glad to see him leave. He and his wife moved here at the same time we did and he just started making trouble right off the bat. I remember looking at a local Facebook page for the town and he'd been here like a month and was bashing one of the 2 bars in town. Just strange. He's never let up in 6 years. So last June he put his place up for sale and linked it on the local Facebook page and said "priced for a quick sale". HA! Not even! He was asking almost $800k - for an old run down piece of crap 2 bedroom house (like plywood subfloor and missing drywall, just down to studs in some rooms) with some run down outbuildings. Well, of course no one has been stupid enough to pay that price and the price just keeps getting dropped and dropped. Just in this past week he dropped it $15,000 and then yesterday another $35,000. He should have just added another 0 to that $35,000 drop and then he'll be in the ballpark of what someone would pay for it. But, hopefully he does get it sold at some point because he's just been bad news for this town/county.


  1. Just advice: Do not let your cat outdoors. They like to go outdoors, but cats who go outdoors are subject to danger. We had a black cat, girl, who would go outside just to our tree line to nap. She'd always come back if I called until one day she didn't, leading me to believe she was snatched by a coyote. Also, even if they manage to escape the dangers, they wind up getting fleas and worms from going outside. Just a suggestion. Glad your kitty is okay.

  2. I'm glad kitty showed up. I know you would be sad without her. Your daughters property is very nice. I believe you had mentioned the possibility of the side job going. Yes,a sting if you're used to the funds. From what you've shared though, you've got a good head for your budget.

  3. I suppose kitty satisfied his curiosity about what all is out there, so he can stay home now.
    Knocking the place to where you just moved is not wise. Everyone is related to everyone else. And, people in a small place stick together and talk.

  4. I am glad the kitty is safely back home. Where you live, it must feel like a wild jungle for a kitty cat.

  5. That plot of land looks lovely - I bet they are so excited!! And I'm glad kitty showed up. I would have been more than worried!