Saturday, October 15, 2022

Cold Saturday morning

Another work week in the books. I learned something new yesterday. I can put my phone on Do Not Disturb when I go to bed at night, but set it so that it will allow certain people to ring through. I hate leaving my phone's volume/ringer on after I go to bed. There is inevitably some random text that dings and wakes me up. But, as mom ages, I worry what if she tries to call me during the night with an emergency? So, this should be a good way to ease my mind and still have my phone "off" when I go to bed. I also let dd's # call through, of course.

I'm going to cut down all the iris plants today, but I'm going to wait until the chill gets out of the air at like 40 degrees outside right now. It's supposed to warm up to 68. I have no idea where dh plans to plant all the bulbs Mrs gave him, but I'm going to suggest a long row out on the other side of the road, where he had those wood beams to keep the boat launch users out of. Two foot tall blades of leaves all bunched together should also do the trick and look nice. We'll see if he agrees. He a guy...if it's my know the story.

Last evening the cat was meowing like crazy and all over the place. He wouldn't settle down. A bit later we heard there was a small earthquake near by. That's probably what he was freaking out about. DH said the neighbors dogs were barking, too.

We used to often drive to this little mom and pop drive thru burger joint in the next town. Really good burgers. Then they sold it. The first visit with new owners and it was really bad burgers. We gave them another try months later and it was at least better, but not really good. We haven't been there in months, but decided to try again last night and it was really good again. Thank goodness, LOL. Still stupid expensive, but they are right off the freeway and it's a tourist trap, so they have stupid prices. We usually only go every 2 months or so, if we are really craving a burger.

My fall pillow cases and pumpkin and leaves decor also came yesterday. I need to get the pillow cases ironed out and then I'm going to put them over the throw pillows on the church pew. I'm not exactly sure where I'm putting the pumpkins and fake leaves. They are a little small to put on the seat of the church pew or the floor around it, but we'll see. I knew they would be on the smaller side and figured I'll probably end up using them on the dining table or on the hutch.

I still haven't decided what time I'm going to visit mom tomorrow but that's ok, haha. I can pick up my groceries anytime and I'll decide when I get up tomorrow. And now that mom doesn't remember I don't need to even tell her today I'm coming tomorrow, she wouldn't remember tomorrow anyway. I'll just call her in the morning sometime....or just show up. Either works nowadays with her.

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  1. It took me years to learn about the "do not disturb" feature on my phone too. I play Words With Friends with an older gent in New York and he would send me messages at 4 a.m. our time!!! Drove me bonkers, but at least that's sorted now!