Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sunday success

Yesterday was housekeeping, laundry, chores day. This morning I went and visited with my mom. I cajoled her into taking a shower. Not an easy feat anymore and she will say "oh I just took one not too long ago" or "I'll just make sure I take one tomorrow morning". I said she gets up too late to have time for a shower before going down for breakfast. She said "I'll make myself a BIG note for the bathroom to remind me". I said I'll bet your toenails need a good trim, lets take a look. Sure enough, of course they did, so then I suggested, how about you get in the shower and then after we can trim them. She finally agreed. I might add that I hate feet....the only feet I like are baby's feet.......enough said. (just gross, LOL)

While she was showering I filled my bag I take with me with more "stuff". I looked in her fridge, which usually has a treat or two from the dining room snack bar, but her little fridge was quite filled with them and most partially eaten. I threw all those out. Luckily the kitchen puts little date stickers on the treats so I only kept the ones that were within the last few days. They must have served a couple of meals in their apartments lately, too, as she had 2 containers of partially eaten meals, which I tossed. Then I took the bag of garbage down the hall to the big can in the laundry room. If I had left it in her apartment, she would most likely have seen it all in the can and dug out most of it. I'm getting smarter.

I looked around for her purse (not that it matters, but just curious) and didn't find where she has it now. There's nothing in it anyway. It was just a typical visit of the same questions several times: how was traffic? what should we do for eating? I got there at 9:45 so no need to eat. I told her I just had breakfast at 9 when I left and lunch isn't until noon and I'll have to leave before then. She asked several more times until I left at 11:20. I didn't realize she is out of tissues (before she had several boxes in her closet) and I say I'll bring some next trip. She says "well, I can just walk to the store and get some". I'm like you can't walk to the store! LOL. I'll bring some next time.

The last 2 times she knew I was one my way she actually washed all her silverware in her sink, so that is good. I found something wrapped up in a paper towel in the corner of her bathroom sink area, it was the end of a banana! Who knows why! The poor brain just doesn't work right anymore. It's Oct 2nd and she was still looking at the activity calendar for Sept, so we got her a new one of those from downstairs.

I tried the other grocery store order pick up service and this time it worked fine. It was only about a 5 min wait and worked great. I think I will try shopping there for awhile and see how it goes. 


  1. You are a loving daughter. Your mom is lucky to have you. ;)

  2. It is hard when you need to be the parent. Think of something funny while cutting her toenails. Does her home have someone who does things like that?

    1. Her place doesn't have someone who does that. The caregiver(s) I hired are trying to get her to let them help her shower, but she is just not cooperating and they don't want to push her and upset her. I think at some point I may have the caregiver come when I am there and we both "help" her and then maybe the next time she'd let one of them help.

  3. I really don't think she will try to walk anywhere - she never leaves the place on her own, at all