Sunday, October 16, 2022

Aching body

Yesterday was a sore aching muscles day by the time we were done. Needed to get all the iris plants cut down and decide where to plant the 2 buckets of iris bulbs gifted by Mrs Neighbor. First it was too cold and I had to cool dh's jets to get out there when it wasn't even 40 degrees yet! After a bit he says "about how long do you think it will be before you are ready to go out?" I walked over to the thermometer and saw it said 43 degrees and I said "in about 7 more degrees".

When I get out there I see this iris. What the heck did you do to it??! "Um...I used the weed whacker". Well don't! Geez! They have to be cut down and at an angle. Just leave the job to me. 

DH's method

My method

We decided to plant a row of iris bulbs out along the other side of our street, hoping they will grow and form a buffer a couple feet tall and deter anyone from trying to drive off the road to turn around. I think we planted like 45 of them. Oh my aching back and legs by the time we were done planting and me cutting down all the existing ones.

When we got to the back yard (just a few there) and just got finished Mr Neighbor had come down to his backyard so we walked over to the fence and ended up chatting with him a good long while. 

Right after I made my post yesterday morning I get a call from my mom, but it was one of the office lady's that works at her place. I thought oh dear...this can't be good. Well, it was just about the flu and covid booster. Apparently they have tried to call me but the number wasn't going through. I'm pretty sure they were trying my mom's old cell#. My mom had locked her keys in her apartment and this lady was letting her in, so decided that was a good time to find my ph# and call me. A year or so ago I realized they had her # as mine and I thought they fixed it, but apparently not. That is scary! What if there had been an emergency with my mom and they couldn't get a hold of me?! When I go in today to see her I am checking with the office again to make sure they have my ph#! Geez.

My plan today is to stop at Walgreens near mom's place and pick her up some tissues and snacks and get there before she's back from lunch and then do a quick run through to find more stuff to get out of her apartment. I know I need to take out the old bills and stuff in her file cabinet. I saw her going through it again the other day and she's not realizing these are old bills from years ago. They need to go. Then once she's back I'll visit with her an hour or so before I go pick up groceries and head home.

Update: well it doesn't seem to matter what time I'm going to mom's LOL. I called her a little while ago to let her know I'm coming. I just told her I'd be there around 1:15....after you get back from lunch. "well what time is your lunch?" Umm...I'll be done with lunch, I'll be there at 1:15. Twenty minutes later she calls me "what time did you say you are coming?"....again I tell her and she says, so do you want lunch? No, I'll be there after you go down to eat your lunch at noon. Then I'm sure when I get there it will be 20 questions of "did you have lunch?" Oh well.

Update #2 - mom is going to wear me out today before I even get there. She has called me 3 times now in the last half hour asking what time and trying to figure out lunch. So much for my idea of trying to go after lunch to avoid the lunch conversation over and over. I'm to the point I don't even think I'm going ot call anymore and let her know I'm coming. Just show up from now on.


  1. I laughed loud and long about "7 degrees." Your husband is dangerous for iris. Those you cut need to be thinned out, too. But, they will all be lovely. Anyone will just run over those flowers. I doubt it will deter anyone.
    It is amazing what your mother remembers, forgets, and is hyper focused on.

  2. I can't wait to see the picture of all those irises when they bloom next year.

  3. I have not had a land line for about six years, but I still have doctors, hospitals, health professionals who repeat my landline number to me. Plus, I get letters from healthcare professionals, saying they cannot reach me by phone # house phone. I give people the correct number, and I am not quite sure what they do with the new number.

  4. I think not calling and letting her know you're coming might be the best bet. She's probably already forgotten the conversation 10 minutes later!

  5. ( Anne Brew ) I agree with Treaders, maybe try a new routine of just turning up and see if she's ok with that.