Thursday, October 13, 2022

dogs and desks

Nothing much new going on. Mr Neighbor told dh that their son & family are coming for a few days of hunting next week and guess what....leaving their 2 dogs again, until they come back Thanksgiving. I can't imagine doing that to family pets, how confusing it must be for the dogs to have to do this all the time.

I think DD and her dh are coming for Christmas. She keeps telling me she thinks that's the plan, but then says she needs to confirm it with her dh. 

Still keeping fingers crossed that dh's desk actually gets delivered today. I have my phone ringer turned on and up, haha, so I don't miss the call that they are getting close. Usually when I have my phone sitting on my desk I just have it on vibrate. But, from what the guy said they won't be here until the end of the day.

For some reason I've been having trouble waking up at my normal time the past week. No clue what's changed. I've been going to bed at the same time as always, but now waking up like 15 to 20 minutes later. But watch, when the weekend comes I'll wake up at my normal time, LOL. 

Dh has been wanting to change his cell ph# that he's had FOREVER (I'm not joking...think back to the old original "brick" cell phones! LOL) to a local area code number, for a while now. But, then every time I say, ok you want me to change it? He changes his mind. Finally, this morning he said he wants to change it. It was really easy to do online and took effect in about 5 minutes. I'm leaving my number alone. I could care less that it isn't "local" and since I also use it for work, I don't want to have to change the #. 

That's all that's going on today. Not much at all.


  1. A month of dogs! I suppose the dog parents need a break from them.
    I am waiting for the desk to come, too. It will be a miracle.
    Wonder why he wants it local after all this time. ??? Mine has been the same since 2003. I would hate to have to learn another.
    Hopefully, your sleep will smooth out. But, you may have to resort to an alarm clock like the rest of us.

    1. He's been mentioning changing his phone number to this state area code since we moved here, LOL, but every time I'd say ok, you want me to do it today, he'd change his mind. I'm thinking the dogs will enjoy the break from THEM, haha! I hope my sleep goes back to normal, I've liked not needing an alarm.