Saturday, October 29, 2022

Ready to relax

I had a pretty good afternoon off yesterday. I stopped at Home Depot and picked up the new shower head I had ordered online for store pick up. I got up to mom's apartment just after 12:30, so that gave me enough time to install it (easy peasy) and make sure it worked ok. Then I refilled her meds in the dispenser. Then I looked in her fridge to find a whole bunch of containers of partially eaten food. They are in these kind of nice green containers that come from the kitchen. They seem too nice to throw away. I texted K with a picture of one and asked "do you know if these containers are supposed to be returned?" and she texted right back and said she had that same question and asked and they said to just set the containers out on the table in the common area, so I set them out, where someone else had put a couple. 

Then I noticed she had her tv all unplugged again! Then in one of her kitchen drawers (along with normal kitchen stuff) I found one bra and one pair of underwear! K had mentioned a week or so ago she had found her do this, so what her brain is thinking on this one I have no idea! By the time she returned from lunch just after 1pm, I had every thing I wanted to do done, so I was glad of that. She comes walking her white shorts...and slippers! I said "whatcha got shorts on for mom?" She kind of laughs and says "oh I don't know, the other people were commenting on it too". I said well lets get a pair of your jeans on, so you won't be cold when you go back down for dinner. It's only 40 degrees outside". She also on her own got out a pair of socks and put on her tennis shoes. While she did that I took her garbage out, to get rid of all the food I dumped into it and set those containers on the table in the common area.

I had brought my hair cutting scissors and gave her hair a little trim. She has always done this herself. She actually cut my hair for many years and did a good job. I am not good at it, but now her bangs were no more and almost as long as the rest of her short hair. I think she looks better with bangs, so I gave her some bangs back, haha and trimmed a bit around the sides and back. We spent the rest of the hour just visiting. It was pretty much just an hour of continuous loop of the same conversation. "So, how are you guys doing?" I'd reply and try to think of something to tell her about. Then it was "so, how are you guys doing?". I can't tell you how many times I was asked that question. I was really in no big hurry as to when I needed to leave, but around 2:15 pm she then kind of says "oh, I'm so glad you stopped by" so I took that as my cue to take my leave. 

I went over to Subway and got dh and I each a sandwich to bring home for dinner. I had the cooler with me for the groceries, so I put them in there. The reason I went there before picking up groceries is due to the location. To leave Subway and head in the direction of home I'd have to get across lanes of busy traffic, which is almost impossible, so I went first and then was able to turn out of Subway easily and go to the store. Then I went to the store to pick up my grocery order. Still liking this store better at least for the no wait time. Again, they brought out my order in less than 5 minutes. I just need to get better about marking what I'm willing to have a substitution on.

I'm enjoying my quiet relaxing Saturday morning, drinking my coffee, puttering around the internet and not having to get ready to spend half the day going to the city and back. I'm pretty sure a nap is in my schedule today.


  1. Anne Brew
    Sounds like a Friday morning might be a better time to visit her rather than eat into your weekend. She doesn’t seem to mind you only visiting for a short time and it’s good that you got the shower head fixed and cleared her fridge and still had time to relax and chat.
    Would your work mind if you altered your hours to allow a half day, say, every other week? Your boss seems very nice and if she knew it was to do with your mother’s care?
    There’s nothing quite like knowing you have a whole day to yourself and today sounds like it’s going to be a good one for you! x

    1. it was after lunch when I went. I worked a half day in the morning :) but yes, I'm liking the idea of a half day every other week. My company, pre Covid, had a nice perk where we got off at noon every other Friday and I LOVED that and almost always used it as my afternoon to go into the city and get groceries and errands done. I really miss having that day. I think I may present to her taking a half day twice a month and using up one full PTO day in exchange. Since I'm salary, technically if I work any part of a day, they have to pay me for the day, but we can work around that, plus I need to get some of my days used up.

  2. Does K or anyone care about the shorts in cold weather? I wonder why someone else had not told her to change. Maybe you need to take a bag and bring home inappropriate clothes for winter and hold them until spring.

    For future reference, my friends had a good practice when mother was in care. They never came the same day or same time of day. She said her mil was bathed and dressed every time they showed up, even at 7 am. Otherwise, people who had no relatives or ones who only came on weekend or after work were not care for all day. They were in nightclothes at noon or had not had hair brushed or face wiped.

    The predictability of the relatives worked against good care...just something to think about for the future when she needs more care.

    1. it's totally (too) warm inside her apartment and the common areas, she was fine...just not dressed appropriately for the season LOL, nor have I ever seen her wear her slippers out in to the common area. That's a good idea to take her shorts (which I only saw her wear a couple times in the summer what it was hot, haha) with me next visit

  3. I was at my oldest ds’s yesterday. He was wearing shorts and slippers outside when I got there-and he was dressed for the day. My boys and Dh wear shorts year round if it’s above 25 or so. All the kids wear slippers as shoes. I don’t do either, but it’s very common around here. Your mom is just being a Montanan lol


  4. Sounds like a good couple days. I'm relaxing while dishwasher stuff air drying, and load of clothes drying. I should be more productive but some days I just need to relax.