Friday, October 7, 2022

Coffee and cookies

DD has given me 2 ideas for birthday gifts. Coffee pods (because they have to bring their own to the office) and she wants me to make her peanut butter cookies, LOL. I'll have to ship them UPS so they get there in a couple days, rather than the 4 or so USPS takes nowadays. So, 2 gift ideas to stick in a box, haha. She tried the cc cream makeup I got and really like and she said she really likes it too. Maybe I'll get her another tube of that, it's pretty expensive. I also found a cute planner type book on Amazon where she can plan the rooms of her house and notes, quotes, etc. She loves that kind of stuff for her organized brain. Plus it's cute and has flowers on the front cover, LOL. She told me this morning she can't think of any other ideas and that she's old and boring now, she just wants coffee and cookies :)

I kept my mom's camera activated most of yesterday. She seemed restless, though not agitated at all. She seems to have lost her big activity calendar for this month, which I think is causing some of it. She's up and down out of her recliner and in and out of her apartment, where typically she might sit and look at that calendar for 30-60 minutes at a time. I was watching around 3pm and she seemed to be looking for something in drawers, so I decided to call and chat with her. She said "oh, I was just looking over a couple of bills I have due..." Oh...whatcha got there? "A power company bill." (from when she had her home over 3 years ago). I said what's the date on it? "October 25th". What's the year? "2019". I said she must have pulled that out of her filing cabinet, as that is a few years old now and I am taking care of her bills now. She was very sweet and told me she sure is lucky she has me to do that for her and thanked me. At least (so far) dementia hasn't made her mean, like it does so many people.

It's been 3 weeks since that neighbor guy was out on his property for that short time with his excavator. Haven't seen him since. Very odd. He was so busy that week before marking the edge of the street with his measurements, having several locators out to mark utilities, etc. Then nothing. I'm probably going to jinx it by even mentioning it, LOL. 

Well, I've been trying to get this post written and posted all morning, so I guess this is what you get.

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  1. HaHa! I hope the guy puts his lot up for sale. He's obviously defeated.
    Coffee & cookies does sound like an older woman's dream. I guess your dd is just sn old soul. :)
    My mom remained "sweet & pleasant" in her state of dementia. Hopefully your mom will be the same.
    Enjoy your weekend!