Thursday, October 27, 2022

Almost Friday

I got payroll done fairly quickly yesterday and emailed the report to my boss to review by 9:40am...then I waited and waited. Then I see she went unavailable status for awhile. Then I waited some more and she emailed me at noon about something else, so I figured she was getting back to her emails. I messaged her at 12:20...and still no reply. 2:30 rolls around (which is 3:30 my time and an hour before I finish up for the day) and she starts emailing me about other stuff, so I again forward the payroll report, thinking ok, maybe it got lost in her emails. She always does this to me, LOL.

Mom had a much better day yesterday. She was out of her apt all morning and through lunch and came back after lunch with some snacks and sat down to eat those and watched some tv for awhile. Much more normal activity going on with her now. She appears to have even got herself up, dressed, and down to breakfast this morning. That hasn't happened in a couple weeks.

Our small town/county newspaper is just a small weekly thing. We have on occasion bought a copy at the store (I think it's like 75 cents) and dh sometimes will read articles on their website, but they are like a lot of newspaper publications, they will only allow you to read so many. So, we decided to get a subscription to the newspaper. The printed version will be mailed to us weekly and dh will have unlimited access to their online content - cost of $32 a year.

I was really hoping that lady from the senior care home I want to get on the waiting list for would have called me back, so I can set up a time to do a tour and was hoping I could do it Friday afternoon (tomorrow) but she hasn't. I was thinking of taking the afternoon off work to go in, do this, see mom (get her shower head installed) and pick up groceries. Or just work all day as normal and go do it Saturday. I think I'm leaning towards taking the afternoon off, but I'd best be deciding here in the next few hours, so I can let my boss know.

Still nothing going on with the guy and his 2 lots next door. Haven't even seen him drive in/by in his pickup. Their house for sale is on almost day 400 and they only reduced the price once, last July. I also keep looking to see if by a miracle he's listed these lots for sale, but no such luck yet. But, at least we should have quiet between now and spring, because it's too late in the year to start anything on it now, anyway.

Ok, I'm going to only work a half day tomorrow. That will be nice to get the mom visit and grocery pick up done and then have the weekend for myself. And I'm not telling mom I'm coming. I'm going to get there while she's still at lunch in the dining room and try to get that shower head installed without her in the way, LOL. As far as I can tell it *should* just be a matter of unscrewing the current shower head and screwing in the new one. I'm going with a bit nice handheld one that attaches back up via magnet. Quick and easy to set back up. I'm just ordering it from Home Depot to pick up in store tomorrow.


  1. It certainly is good and a relief to hear your mother seems to finally have rebounded from being ill. If she is coming back from lunch and sitting down to eat snacks, did she eat lunch? Did the woman call for a tour? It certainly is easy nowadays to check up online into real estate business. At least all of you can relax without wondering what he is going to do next.

    1. sometimes she brings snacks back up with her, which she did yesterday, after eating lunch in the dining room. But today, I had to call her to remind her it was time to go down for appears she laid her digital clock/calendar flat on her desk so she wasn't seeing it. The lady has not called me back to schedule the tour :(