Saturday, October 22, 2022

The birthday fail

I am such a terrible liar, LOL. So it's my boss's birthday and I get a call from one of my co-workers yesterday morning. He wants to do a zoom call/meeting, where he calls my boss and we all are on the zoom call to sing her happy birthday. But, he needs me to schedule a fake meeting with her (to make sure she's free at that time)....oh great, LOL. Ok, I'll try!

So, I send her a chat message saying hey, I need some help with such and such, can we schedule a time to chat later? say 11? (this is like 2 hours out). I know my boss. First off, she and I rarely schedule meetings. She's the one who is usually busy, so I always just say hey call me when you are free, as I am almost always free (other than on payroll days). So, I then figured as soon as I said that I wanted to do a meeting, she's say "I'm free now", so I'd have to make up some excuse why I'm not free for 2 I make up something about my mom and I'm waiting for a call back from her caregiver, etc. 

Ok, so far so good. She agrees to the 11am meeting. Then 2 minutes later messages me, "send me some example of the issue you are having". I tell her I'll work on that,haha. Then a half hour before the call, she messaged me that something has come up and she'll have to reschedule me to the afternoon or Monday. OMG! Ok, no problem! I message co-worker back and he cancels the zoom invite and we are on hold with it now. I said I'm sure this afternoon she will suddenly message me and say hey, I'm free now. I told co-worker I'd try to hold her off 10 to 15 minutes and he said he'll then try to get whoever is available on the call quickly and we'll try again. She got back in the afternoon and sent me a couple emails and then a message she was back, but didn't say anything about rescheduling. I messaged the co-worker she is back. He was trying to get whoever he could together, but then boss's status went red again. About 10 min later he messages me, "you're off the hook on this....but boss will probably never trust you again! haha".  I asked so, does she know I lied? LOL. Yep, he told her everything. 

Right then boss messages me "YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!!" and then a funny gif of someone inside a "box of shame". I messaged back a "who me?" funny gif. We had a good laugh because she knows me. She said she told co-worker he probably has no idea how much he stressed me out! haha. I'm like I know! First I have to lie, then lie about why it's 2 hours later to meet, and then you want freakin examples of my issue! and then you canceled! 

Hopefully I'll have more of an update of how mom is doing later today. The main caregiver is back on duty and I see she just grabbed mom's laundry and was taking it out, but I didn't see mom in the video clip. She's probably flown the coop and out in the halls or trying to get breakfast, LOL. Keeping fingers crossed she is successful with the showering. Lord know mom needs one now. I'm sure she will be pretty persistent/insistent to get her to take one.


  1. The birthday surprise was funny. It is not like you were completely in control of her since she is the boss. I suppose you won't be trying that again! Hopefully, your mother gets bathed soon. Was your mother having a problem with something?

    1. Mom had a cold all week so they wanted her to stay in her apartment until
      She was done being contested and coughing.

    2. Congested. Trying to type from my tablet never works.