Sunday, October 9, 2022

Lazy weekend

Awhile back I bought a new set of hair cutting clippers to use for dh, to replace the one we had for many years. This new one is cordless and charges with a plug in. I did the initial charge and now I can't remember where I put the charging cable! You'd THINK I would have put it in the case the clippers came in.....sigh...

I remember opening it up and charging it in my office. Then I kind of remember dh suddenly saying one day shortly after "can you cut my hair?" and I went upstairs and unplugged it from the charger. After that I don't remember now. I think it was about the same time I brought home a whole BUNCH of misc chargers I took from my mom's apartment. I remember dumping those out on my desk to sort through and see if I could figure out what any were. I have a feeling I forgot about the hair clippers charger and mixed it in with those. I think I stuffed them all back in a sack and put them in a bin that is now in the next bedrooms closet. Ugh. I need to find it! I cut dh's hair yesterday and it's still charged, but one of these days that charge is going to run out. So, that's my task for today. Find what the heck I did with that charger.

I did make a cake yesterday - a funfetti type. Dh's favorite. We had it for dessert while watching a movie last night. An awful movie, I might add, LOL. It was Tom Cruise's "American Made". While I usually like "based on true story" type of movies and usually like Tom Cruise movies, this one was just plain awful. I didn't even finish watching it. 

What else did I do yesterday....I washed our sheets and remade the bed. Emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen. Watched some of the show I have been working my way through the seasons. Got caught up on The Voice. I didn't realize it had started a new season, so I'm caught up on that now (over several days). And I took a nap for about an hour. Dinner was "chicken sandwich ring". We haven't had that in awhile and I had a tube of crescent rolls that needed to get used up. Except I forgot to add the green onions to the mixture. Oh well.

Even though my doctor's office couldn't schedule me for my annual exam for 6 more months, they did have the colon home FIT test sent out to me to do and mail in to the lab, so I got that done and the results just came back negative. I still need to go in (different office) for my mammogram, too. 

Well, off to look for that hair clippers charger.......


  1. I hate it when things get lost like that! I cut Tommy's hair and did not even clean the cleaners afterwards. This was three months ago. I just hope it still works when I do clean them. I have no idea where I laid them, but it was not in the box because I know where the box is. Usually, that is the first thing I do--sit down and clean the clippers.
    I suppose kitty is still content to stay in the house. Is he fixed?

    1. ok, finally I can reply again. Yes, kitty is fixed, as well as gets monthly flea/tic treatment.

  2. Ha ha, I have a drawer filled with cables to something and I have no idea what! Good luck with your search!