Sunday, October 30, 2022

More relaxing on tap

I was able to relax yesterday, which was nice. The weather was sunny and got up into the 50's. Dh decided to get one last lawn mowing in for the year. Then he got the small lawn mower serviced and put away until next year. He ran out of steam to do the riding lawn mower, so he'll have to do it's annual maintenance another day.

I've apparently strained or really something in the back of my right calf. It's happened before. Our backyard lawn is super steep going down to the bottom level and I'm not sure if it's the walking down or back up, but seems to always pull that calf when I do. But, it usually is fine in a couple days. Well, a couple weeks ago when out looking for the cat who wouldn't come back and it was getting dark I went up and down twice that day. My calf hasn't stopped hurting (when I walk or try to stretch it) since. It doesn't hurt if I'm not using it. Google it and home remedy says to not use it and ice it every 2 hours, so I spent most of the day just trying not to use it as much as possible and will do the same today (along with ice every so often) and see if I can get this healed up. Or then I read use heat, so not sure which to use at this point. It's getting annoying. Dh took the cat upstairs to bed for me last night and this morning, instead of my usual make my coffee, go upstairs and blog etc for a bit, then go back downstairs to make dh's morning egg sandwich, I just made his sandwich while I was making my coffee, so one less use of the stairs.

Yesterday morning with watching mom on the camera was pretty funny. It's shower day/morning and after she came back up from breakfast she went and sat in her recliner and was dozing off when about half hour later K comes in and says "I'm here to get you in the shower". Mom says "wellll.....I'd rather just do it in the morning". K says "it is morning! and your daughter said we need to do it today (I told her to use me if she gets any pushback, as it might help) and then mom says "oh she did, did she? well ok then" and off they went to do the shower. LOL. Whatever works! I'm also thinking the new style of shower head on the hose was easier for K to help her with, as her shower went much quicker than the previous two.

Well, of to see how long I can plant my butt in the recliner and stay off my leg. Seems like I'm always having to get up for something.



  1. My neighbor in her 90s had some problem for which the doctor told her to use a warm compress. She said he then added "or, you could use a cold compress." She was miffed and said if either would do, then she would just not use hot or cold. That sort of made sense. I do hope it gets better soon.
    That is one funny cat you have! Just now, I was telling Tommy and he was a very privileged cat. He would want you to cover his poop next.

  2. Ice is good for the first 24-36 hours after an injury to minimize swelling. After that heat can increase blood flow to the area to help healing but it is pretty much what feels the best for you. Not reinjuring it by going up or down stairs is important too. If you notice redness or swelling in the calf it could indicate a blood clot.

    1. Thank you for the info. I did decide to try heat off and on yesterday and that felt better to me.There is no redness or swelling, thank goodness. I only did the stairs once yesterday, too and walked very little.