Monday, October 17, 2022

A hopeful sign

Dh had to get his PSA blood test done again last week for his upcoming biopsy check tomorrow. The hospital has this new online portal to see test results, etc so I signed him up for it. The PSA test result is back......

So, you may recall that after his last checkup with the urologist in June, his PSA had gone up even more. I can't remember now exactly what he said it was but 9. something sticks in my mind. I know it was an increase. I did find a note I made from a year ago, when he first went into see him that it was 7.3. I did some online research and came across a couple of articles about this supplement "Zyflamend" that were written up by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and I think the other was Columbia University. So, he's been taking it daily almost 4 months now.

I just logged into the hospital portal to see if his PSA results were showing and it's saying his PSA is 5.19!!! I hope I am reading it right. That's actually all it says, just "5.19". I haven't said anything to dh yet. I don't want to get his hopes up and me be wrong, so I'm just going to wait until we hear what the doctor says tomorrow. But, I think I'm excited! It will be interesting to see if his biopsy changes any. Praying and fingers crossed.

I got to mom's place about 12:40, while everyone was still in the dining room. I checked with the gal at the desk, to have her look up what they have my phone number as, and sure enough, it was STILL in as my mom's old cell #. She updated it right then, so I hope it is finally fixed. I don't know why the lady I talked to on Saturday didn't fix it then. I also asked her about the caregiver that helps mom (and works for many residents) - that she has worked for mom 4 months now and no billing! and she won't reply to my asking for it. I also said I know there is a new lady, what is her name? She said that she thinks the caregiver is transitioning her business over to these 2 other ladies. I told her to pass the word that I would love to pay them! Geez! Why wouldn't that main caregiver (it was her business) tell her clients what is going on? But I really like what I've seen of this new lady. She's super sweet and caring.

On Saturday evening, when the caregiver came to do her meds, I heard her also say she was going to get mom's laundry from the dryer and would be right back. She came back with the basket of clean laundry but then set it on mom's bed and asked her if she wanted her to put it away and mom said no, she's do it. Well, I had already had this conversation with the main lady a couple months ago because I had gotten there and we realized mom had just dumped it all back into her hamper, so I said you'd better be the one to put it away for her. But, I'm sure this probably is something that got missed passing on to the new gal. Anyway, when I got there yesterday the full basket of clean laundry was sitting on the floor next to her dresser, of course she never put away and wouldn't have. I thought about leaving it until maybe the lady would then see it last night and realize mom didn't put away, but I was also afraid between now and then mom would put in hamper again, so I put it all away. But last night when she came to do meds, I heard her say to mom "oh, I see you got your clean clothes put away, that's good". Mom say oh yes I did. LOL

I did get her tv working again. She had it an unplugged mess. The new remote control I ordered hasn't come yet, so I tried a temp fix. I put some black tape over the 2 buttons next to the on/off button that she keeps pushing (the input button and the button that turns the cable box on/off) and messing up the tv (which I think she then tries to unplug to "fix"). After dinner last night she was able to turn the tv on and I see she watched tv all evening! I have not seen her do that in a long time. 

I just sadly see her world getting smaller and smaller. It was an hour of the same questions over and over...and constantly about eating. Going in the afternoon, right after lunch did no good either. Every few minutes she would say "so, what should be do to go eat?" or "what should I do so we can have dinner (or lunch)" Each time I would say you just got done with lunch about 15, 20, 30 minutes ago and dinner isn't until 5pm. Yes, I already had lunch. No, it's not time for dinner yet. I had stopped at the store and got her some vitamins, tissues and cookies. Over and over "make sure you pay yourself back for those" Then she kept wanting to send some of the cookies home with me. I said no, those are for you to have so you have treats in your apartment. I have treats at home. But the constant on and on about eating just wears me down. She called me 3 times in 30 minutes yesterday morning after I told her I was coming. Then when she walks into the apartment and sees me there she says "oh, I guess I thought you were coming tomorrow". I'm just not even going to call and tell her anymore, I'm just going to show up. She had me worn out before I even got there.


  1. I am so glad to hear DH's level has potentially gone down; hopefully the confirmation will be positive with the doctor. I am sorry to hear about your mama's health, luckily she has you in her corner. I hope the workers will be compensated for their work, it's been a few months and they have never been paid by you (not for want of trying!)

  2. I hope the PSA results are correct. Anything is possible!
    Moms always want to know that their babies have food/eaten. That's what we do. That instinct doesn't fade. ,:)

  3. That is great news about your dh. I started taking Zyflamend probably 10 years ago when I had a bad case of trigger finger in my thumb. The doctor had told me the only way to fix was surgery. I went to the health store a friend of my grandmother started and her son told me to try the Zyflamend. Within two weeks my thumb started moving a little and was completely back to normal within a month with no surgery.
    I'm watching my mom go through the same with dementia and so I know how difficult it is right now for you.

  4. Good news for your DH. I hope it's what you think. I'm so sorry about your mom. It's got to be hard.

  5. I am glad your DH's PSA results are much better. Sending good vibes your way. May be your mom wants to go out to eat with you but, cannot find the right words for it? Just a thought. I am thinking may be she is bored with the cafeteria food or staying at the place so, she may want to go out and do something together when you visit her.

  6. The constant going over and over the same thing is very wearing isn't it. We had that with my mom at the end, but I guess she couldn't think of anything else to say/ask! And fingers crossed for your husband's results. It sounds very hopeful doesn't it!

  7. Your mother seems to have been an amenable woman and a thoughtful mother down the years and it must be so distressing for you to see her personality disappear.
    I smiled when she said - yep, I put my laundry away!
    The repetitive questions and replies to the business of eating a meal is exhausting, upsetting and frustrating for you.
    I'm not in the position any more having a mother ( in my case it was a mother-in-law ) with dementia. The endless questions involving the same answer, over and over, left us feeling weary and guilty for feeling guilty all at the same time. x