Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Tuesday this and that

I had a doom and gloom post, but going to hold off, maybe tomorrow.  Kitty seems better now. Right this minute he's attacking the dogs big bushy tail, so back to normal.

So, I'm watching more of Ted Lasso last night and my dd is messaging me. Then my side job boss is texting me. I'm like "hey - I'm watching this great show - ain't got time for chatting!" LOL.

Side job boss/friend (because she has become a friend over the years as we got to know each other) wanted to know if I've watched 1883 (she's the one who suggested Ted Lasso show). I told her we tried and tried to watch it but Paramount + will just not stream without skips and freezes and mouths not matching the words. She said oh, I thought it was on AppleTV...I said no, Paramount +. Then a couple minutes later she said her dh says it's on Apple TV. I said well, Yay! now we can watch it then! Then we chatted about other good shows. I recommended Justified and she said they haven't seen that one.

It's been raining for 2 days. It's washed away quite a bit of the snow. The roofs are bare now and starting to see some grass, other then where it's all piled up (just about everywhere LOL) from shoveling and plowing. That will take awhile to melt down.

I got a new wallet I ordered through Amazon. I had a $30 statement credit and a $3 Amazon gift card code, so I wasn't out any money. My wallet was getting frayed and worn out looking. This one I got is navy blue leather and has lots more slots for cards, though they are a bit stiff to get in. I'm sure with use it will loosen up some. My purse is a brown and navy blue leather, so I thought a navy blue wallet would be a good match. It came packaged very nice and thoughtfully. Not bad for $23.

The purse was given to me by my side job boss friend. She got it in Argentina on a business trip and then got it home and decided it wasn't her style, so asked me if I wanted it. She thought it looked more western style than city gal style, LOL. It's a nice expensive purse and I've gotten many compliments on it.

The rain seems to be letting up and I'm seeing a little blue sky up there. But then I just looked at the forecast and lots more rain starting again tomorrow.

One of our local friends texted dh to see if we are interested in a half or whole hog. We declined. I had to convince dh to decline - why? because he always feels like he has to say yes to everyone! I had to keep reminding him #1 you don't really even like to eat ham! #2 - you really don't like pork chops, #3, you'd only eat the bacon and you don't even eat that anymore with your digestive issues. #4 we still have other meat in the freezer that's not getting eaten because meat doesn't agree with his stomach much now.  I'm like it's okay to say no thanks! Geez Louise. 

I have some chicken breast tenders I need to get split up and packaged into smaller portions, so I don't have to thaw the whole tray out when I need some. I'll keep a few out for dinner tonight and make some spaghetti with chicken in the sauce. Dh seems to really like it and we've gotten to eat more spaghetti in the last few months than we have in years. I'm not a huge fan of the chicken in it, so I just pick it out and leave it in the sauce for his portion, LOL. I add mushrooms to the sauce, so that's good enough for me. For the chicken I cut it up into small pieces and then cook it in onions I've sauteed, and then add to the sauce. (Ragu jar sauce).



  1. I like your purse. The wallet is nice also.
    I hope kitty kat is OK.
    Monica :)

  2. I am glad kitty is on the attack again! That purse definitely is western style, the blue wallet is cool! A whole or half a hog omg! I eat pork a lot so it sounds like a dream but you're right to say no, Dh is a sweetheart though!

    1. I love ham, but I know with just the 2 of us we could probably never use it all up and I don't have room in the freezer anyway, LOL. It's full of the stuff we actually eat ;)

  3. We bought half a pig once too and it was a BIG mistake. I threw most of it out (especially the half head with the teeth still attached)!!!! And I just love your purse and wallet - very pretty!