Sunday, March 27, 2022

Trying for a relaxing Sunday

Well, my attempt to make sure my mom is getting her morning pills (and at generally the same time every day) isn't working either. 

Back up (you can read all the details on blog about mom) to yesterday and I made a trip in to figure out what is going on with her dispenser and not getting the meds for 2 days in a row. It appears to be a combination of things going on. #1 being she isn't in her apartment during the hour that the machine is notifying her it's time to take (starts at 8:30 and goes until 9:25). #2 she was apparently unplugging and plugging it back in yesterday morning (which is why I kept getting the notifications wifi was disonnected). Never mind that there is a 3 inch wide piece of blue tape across the plug in with "DO NOT UNPLUG" written across it along with another note taped above the outlet.

So, I reset her time to take/dispense to 7:40 am. I "assumed" if breakfast starts downstairs at 8am she probably wasn't leaving until at least 7:45 (she doesn't know what time). It takes 2 minutes to get down the elevator that is right outside her door. I've been sitting here typing this and it just turned 8am and she hadn't taken yet, so I assumed she must have gone downstairs for breakfast before 7:40. But, the app just notified me she took it at 8am. Ok, at least that got done. Since I moved the medication dispenser over to her desk she should not be able to unplug it. If she does, she would have had to move her desk out from the wall!

The good noticed yesterday. She had washed all her silverware in her sink. The bad. I was using her scissors to cut the styrofoam cup down to make a new "cup" to fit underneath where her pills drop into, and she said "what is that in your hand?". She no longer recognized scissors. And a couple of times as I was trying to get everything re-plugged in and figuring out why her phone wasn't now working, she asked twice what the phone was.

After leaving her place I ran over to Target to grab a bunch of food stuff. That will help tide over until I can go do a normal grocery pick up. I also wanted to look for a new sleeping nightshirt, but didn't find anything I liked at all. They were either too thick and warm or too silky. But, I grabbed soda, water, spanish rice (box kind), Hostess cupcakes (dh loves those), regular crackers and Ritz, blueberry muffin mix, chips, and a Twix for the road, as by then it was lunch time, haha.

I didn't get home until around 1pm. I told dh the old printer in the back of the car needed to go into the garbage. Thankfully he didn't do his usual "are you sure, blah blah" because I was so not in the mood for that nonsense. He just picked it up and took it straight to the outside garbage can.

I didn't sit in mom's recliner (I should have) to see if it's now uncomfortable or feels different. She's still convinced that isn't her chair, someone took her chair. It's probably just worn out and she needs a new one. I know I can get a new one delivered up to her apartment, but I need to figure out how I can get the old one taken away. I'll have to look into how I can get that done. I don't want to advertise on Marketplace or anything like that. I don't want to deal with someone having to come to mom's place when I'm not there, let alone dealing with the usual idiots you have to deal with to try and sell or even give away something. 

The other odd thing I noticed at her place. So, she has one of those nice big "Alzheimer's clocks" sitting on her file cabinet that sits between her desk and tv/tv stand. On the other side of her tv is the door to her bedroom, where she has her nightstand and has always had a little alarm clock plugged in there. She has the little alarm clock (still plugged into the wall behind her nightstand in the bedroom) pulled around the corner of the door and sitting on her tv stand. I asked her why she needed 2 clocks out in her living room? She had no idea. She thought maybe to set an alarm to remind her about an activity time. Then I realized the little clock wasn't even set at the right time! It was showing like 3pm! I reset it and put it back next to her bed. Strange.

Dinner last night was omelette's. Easy and good to use up eggs. Then we watched the first Jack Reacher movie - we've seen it before, years ago, but dh wanted to see the 1970 Chevelle in the movie, again, LOL. Then I turned on the new Reacher series on Amazon (which I've already watched) to see if he'd like that. I went to bed after the first episode played, but he liked it and watched at least a couple more episodes. Then he messed up the show by trying to rewind and completely lost his place and he can't figure it out, so he new better than to wake me up, LOL. 

I received a check in the mail from the county for a big $23.70 for my jury duty, haha. 

DH takes Claritin allergy pills. Just when needed, not on a regular basis so a bottle lasts a long time. The past few years I have found them much cheaper on Amazon and he just told me he has one pill left, so I got online to order more. I discovered a generic brand that has good reviews for a fraction of the price of the brand name. Rather than .36 per's .03 per pill. Time to give these a try! All the reviews say they work just as well as the name brand loratidine. It's the same ingredient, so they should. DH also uses Miralax and I've been buying the cheaper Walmart brand at .42 per dose but found one on Amazon that came out to .33 per dose. No sense spending more for brand, or even store brands, when I don't have to.

A wild turkey just walked through the back yard, gobbling up a storm. Usually they are in small groups but this guy was all alone. The cat didn't know what to make of it, LOL.


  1. That is worrisome that she does not recognize scissors or the phone. If that piece of tape does not cure the problem of her unplugging her dispenser, what will? What on earth is the "Alzheimer's clock" of which you speak?

    1. The medicine dispenser is now plugged in behind her desk. She will have to physically move her desk to unplug it, so I'm hoping she doesn't!
      it's a clock that looks kind of like a picture frame and digitally has the day, date, time and whether it's morning/afternoon or evening. Here's a link:

    2. I'm not sure why the link has to be a page long, LOL, but if you put in Alzheimer's clock in google or Amazon you can see what they are

    3. I had no idea that they made this kind of clock. I like that it has no abbreviations. Does she seem to use it?

    4. I got it for her about 2 1/2 years ago and she raved about it for quite a long time. She seems to still use it, but I think it's getting less and less. Like it's there but she doesn't always notice it type of thing. Plus twice now over the past several months she unplugged in and one time I had to find it face down on top of her microwave and the other time just face down on her cabinet where it sits. Then she said "someone took my clock"...

  2. Those wild turkeys are an ugly bunch! lol ;)

    1. aren't they?! LOL. They crack me up and make me laugh.