Monday, March 28, 2022

Happy Monday

So far so good (but it's only been 2 days LOL) my mom has taken her morning meds at the new time or close to it. It now notifies her starting at 7:40am. Yesterday she took it at 8. This morning at 7:45. BUT, I had brought one of her refills with me that came in the mail after my last visit/pill refills and totally forgot to add it while I was there Saturday! Damn it! The app just started notifying me it's low so there should still be plenty in there, as it seems to start notifying way too early. This was a med that her doctor changed the pill to the right dose, so I didn't have to keep cutting them in half, and I filled that the first time around mid July, I think, so she should be good until mid April. I will be back way before then, of course. I'm going to log into her online prescription account and find the exact dates and make sure.

My mom's medicare advantage plan has that $100 per year of OTC stuff you can buy, through their online catalog. The stuff isn't really priced good, but it's free, LOL. I haven't used her $25 per quarter benefits yet this year, so there is $50 on there. One of the things (after ordering up the $100 worth of stuff last December with that years benefit) I wanted to get a blood pressure cuff. Seems like it might be something handy to have on hand for all of us. I can use it for her if needed, and also us. DH has often had his a bit high while at doctors offices the past 6 months so it might be good to check it at home every so often. Through this benefit they are $37. There was $13 left to spend on something else and you can't spend over and pay the difference. It has to be exact or less amount. So, I also ordered some generic miralax from there. $13 for a 14 day dose is ridiculous, but again, it's free to use up the benefit, so might as well. At then end of this year I'll use up the remaining $50 and stock up on OTC supplies again with whatever is needed.

I hardly did anything yesterday. Just didn't have any ambition at all. I did make some peanut butter cookies. Dh and I took a little walk outside around the property (he was looking for dog poop with the shovel, LOL). It was nice and warm out. I went to take a nap later and dh sats down to watch some more of Reacher and I don't even know if I got to sleep at all when the doorbell rang and it was our retired friend stopping by for one of his visits. I didn't even look at the clock to see what time it was. He stayed quite a while and I put some of the cookies out on a plate and he took a couple for the drive home, LOL.

Then I started on dinner. Originally I was going to make pizza, but earlier in the day realized I had none of the frozen bread rolls I use for the dough. I ended up making a hashbrown casserole. Dh went back for seconds and said it looks like enough for leftovers tomorrow, too. I said yep, that's the plan!  

DH finished watching the show (he's done with all the episodes now). I was still super tired, (so pretty sure I didn't get much of a nap at all) so I took a nap on the couch and dh went and took a nap on the bed. I didn't sleep much/too long, but dh ended up napping until almost 8pm.

Back at work today - it's fun payroll day. We have like 4 or 5 new hires and one termination, so I'm sure it will be a mess to figure out. All the new hires are hourly too, ugh. Just adds to the process to have to contact them to figure out missed punches, etc.

With the snow melted the past couple of weeks and the weather warmer, I have expected to see our new neighbors who bought the 2 lots next to us out at their property. Figured as soon as they could see the ground again, they'd be out getting ready to get started moving dirt, putting in well, etc. I at least figured we see them out there measuring and marking, like we were at our property numerous times doing, before we started the site work. But, their other home (they have 2) they are trying to sell is still showing for sale on zillow. It's been for sale 6 months now and they haven't lowered the price on it yet. I'm guessing they need to get this sold before they can get started on this place. That's kind of how the guy made it sound when dh talked to him that one time. The building season is short here, you pretty much have to get started as soon as you can see the ground again. 

We are going to have a little work done on our old car before we sell it. For a long while it's had a check engine light on that the code it shows has never been figured out as that's the problem (at least by dh and his mechanic buddy). The car has run fine all this time, but to sell it dh wants the code fixed/cleared. We also may throw a cheap set of new tires on it. I don't know what all the repair and tires will cost, but told dh to go ahead getting that going. I will put it on my rewards credit card anyway to earn the 2% cash back and then we'll have 4-6 weeks before the payment on the credit card is due and should be able to get it sold within that time frame, I would think. In all the years we've ever sold a used car, it's always sold pretty quickly, couple weeks max. We take good care of our cars, so they are clean and nice. Then, whatever we get for it (less the repairs/tires) I want to use that money to get a project or two checked off our list of things still needing done here at the house. It will probably only do one project, but that's better than none!


  1. It is good you have the tech savvy to control and monitor the medicine dispenser.

    I always sell my own car instead of trading it. My cars always sell almost immediately because they actually run well. But, I repair nothing!

    1. I don't think dh should put new tires on...they aren't that bad, but I do think we should see about getting the check engine light problem fixed.