Friday, December 10, 2021

Winter is here

Woohoo! it's Friday! Got some snow last night. Dh has been out shoveling and plowing this morning.

The minions needed a little assistance this morning, LOL
It's payroll day, so that will take up half my work day.  I just need to get a Lowe's gift card for one of son in law's gifts and I think I am done shopping. I was deleting a bunch of emails (tons of junk and shipping confirmations, etc) and almost deleted a Kohl's email. Apparently, I had earned another $20 in Kohl's cash I didn't know I earned. Thankfully there is free shipping for card holders right now. I jumped online this morning and ordered a winter knitted headband and a couple washcloths. Mine are starting to get worn down, so a couple of new ones will be nice. It all cost me about $3.
My plans tomorrow are to bake. Rosettes and white chocolate bark. 80% chance of snow starting again tomorrow morning. I also need a few things from the grocery store, so will ask dh if he wants to run to town this afternoon or just wait until tomorrow. If there's even a bit of snow on the roads he thinks I can't drive, though when we lived in town I drove no problem. It all gets plowed and sanded and it's all flat.
My boss must be in a long meeting this morning. I'm still waiting for her to answer some payroll questions before I can even really get started processing it. Ugh. Good grief. One of our sales people emailed to pay for this vendor booth at a trade show. Link to pay attached in email. I log in to take care of it and there's like 10 questions he needs to answer about his booth, LOL. So, I had to email him back and type of out all these questions to him. Just put the damn payment on your credit card and submit it on your expense report! I'm not your secretary! (noo, I didn't say that. I did it all and with a smile, LOL) Ok, rant over. Boss just messaged, so she must be out of her meeting. Next Friday we have our year end company meeting. Not expecting any good news, like yearly bonus or anything :(

DH annoyed me yesterday. He's the one who always wants to give UPS, FedEx, garbage and mail carrier a Christmas gift. Of course it's up to me to figure out what and get it. Every year we wait too long and before Christmas the UPS and FedEx end up being different fill in drivers as they add to the route and we don't see our regulars until after. Then the garbage guy always takes vacation then. So, this year I got on the ball and got the gifts ordered first week of December. They got here this week. I wrapped up the UPS guy gift (a more expensive gift cuz he's the best) yesterday since I knew he was delivering and told dh it was on the counter. He's like it's too early to give it to him! I'm like NO, it's not! (not to mention just a few days ago dh asked me if I had the gifts!). We always end up not being able to give to them. He's like fine, I'll give it to him 3 weeks before Christmas! I said Christmas Eve is 2 weeks from tomorrow! Just give him the damn gift!
I think while I'm baking tomorrow I'll put a Christmas Hallmark type movie on the ipad and watch while I'm baking. 


  1. The tv is really too big for my kitchen but I love having YouTube or stuff on while baking. We have no regular drivers so not doing gifts for them. Maybe I'm cheap, but I don't know them from Adam.

    1. we did know our UPS driver we had for years at our old house in previous state. We pretty much know them all here, small town makes it easy to get to know them. They actually have time to chat when they stop.