Thursday, December 16, 2021

Hump day slump

I had a busy work day yesterday. In the afternoon I got super tired and a headache coming on. I didn't sleep that great the night before, which is probably why I was so tired. I did power through my project yesterday and made my goal to get it done and to my boss and I even got it to her at 2pm, her time zone. She and I did have a phone chat in morning about a few things, one of them being payroll and changing the time frame we process it in. She want to keep the same dates of 15th and last day of the month, but change pay periods to like 25th - 10th (paid on 15th) and 11th, though 24th, to get paid on the 31st. So, we'll have to figure out the logistics, if we decide to do that. She also mentioned that "some bonus's are getting paid" and she'll have those decided today during a meeting with management. I have no idea who is getting any, or if I might be included. Since it wasn't run through payroll and she said it will be company checks she does up for them (and then it will get adjusted through payroll), but apparently this late in the decision, there's not time to get the payroll checks here. I'm guessing either everyone is getting a little something and it will be announced at our company meeting on Friday, or maybe not. Maybe there is just a small list (like last year) and a small group of checks to cut.I guess I'll know today sometime, as I will be the one to enter the checks in our accounting system, so she can print them out.  My side job boss said they are giving their employees a $200 gift card and she is sending me one, so that is nice. She emailed me with the option to either send me a gift card or I could just write myself a grossed up check (for taxes) for a net amount of $200. I told her just send the gift card - less cost for the company and I get the same amount.

That bad sleep night, had to get up at like 12:30am to put the cat upstairs. Then woke up when I heard dh come to bed a little later. Then shortly after that dog sounded like he was going to throw up, so I got up and let him outside, but then he was fine. Then at some point before having to get up, my eye started hurting again. It's still an issue every so often, but rarely. I probably need to get more drops in it regularly than I have been. And I spent a lot of time Tuesday doing some work on the computer without much break. I put drops in all day yesterday. Last night I did the ointment again, though I have been putting that in pretty often at night, so I was a bit surprised to have it act up again, as I had put some in last night before bed. Last night was no issues, so that is good. I was so tired after dinner. Dh fell asleep on the sofa and I was starting to fall asleep in the recliner at 6:30pm, so I got up and went and took a nap on the bed and didn't wake up until 7:45.

I also skipped calling my mom yesterday. I don't do that very often, but by the time I had time to call her in the afternoon I just did not feel like like it at all. She's fine for one day to not talk to me and sad to say she doesn't remember if I missed a call. Some days she acts like she only talks to me every so often, LOL, when in fact half the time it's more than once a day!

I slept good last night and didn't hear dh get up at 7am until I heard him filling the dog food bowl. I thought maybe it snowed last night and he was up to plow but opened my eyes to look out the french doors to the patio and nope. Then I remembered he has the Christmas gift for the garbage man to give and he comes between 7 and 8 Thursday mornings. This year we managed to get all the gifts to the our regular delivery peoples. Even worked out great for the mail carrier. She had a few packages that wouldn't fit in our mailbox so when she came to the gate, dh ran in and grabbed her gift (chocolates).

Tuesday night we got caught up on watching Yellowstone, as we were 2 episodes behind. We want to see that new spin off show from it, that will be on Paramount + soon. Would be worth subscribing to for a month or so to watch it. I think it's about $6 for a month. Pretty much anything with Sam Elliott is good, right? LOL.

DD and SIL will be here next Thursday evening and stay until the 27th. I think the plan for my mom will be to go pick her up after lunch on Christmas Eve and take her home on the 26th. She called the other evening (because now the daily calls are asking what is going on for Christmas) and seemed a bit confused about who is coming here and "if you don't have enough room for me,  you can just pick me up Christmas day and take me home later that day". I'm like it's just you and DD/SIL, as always. I have plenty of room. (Not to mention I am NOT spending Christmas day in the car driving for 3+ hours LOL). She now seems to be starting to forget who dd is. She just keeps saying "the kids" because she can't remember her and SIL's names it appears. When I told her, then she said "oh it will be nice to see them, I can't remember how long it's been? last year?" I said no, they were just here last month for Thanksgiving.

One of the friends I sent the Corinthian Bells wind chimes to just received hers and messaged us that she loves them. I had a feeling they are something she would enjoy. She likes to sit out on her deck and has it decorated really cute and comfy.


  1. Fingers crossed for you for the bonus!

  2. funny you mention a slump. I just am taking a break, eating a bite of lunch and feel like all I want to do is crawl in bed. We had a December rain and thunderstorm and a panicky dog, so I know I did not get enough sleep. i get enviou sof my husband who has Thursday's off-usually goes fo rlunch with a friend then comes home and naps. Granted eh works Saturdays, but I spend Saturdays running and cleaning and not eating lunch out and then napping. (well, sometimes).

    1. I'm feeling better today, but still a bit tired now that it's the end of my work day. Funny how the dh's get to rest on their days off, LOL.

  3. I know you are glad about the gift card. Hopefully, bonuses will be forthcoming soon. I hate missing sleep!