Monday, December 20, 2021

Sunday stuggles

Goodness, my mom had a bad day yesterday. She called me about 9:30 in the morning and was like "oh, I wasn't sure if I pressed the right buttons to get you". We chatted a few seconds and she says "well, you're working, so I won't keep you" I said no, it's Sunday. Then she said "oh right - I don't see the day anymore because "someone" took my clock thing" What? I don't think anyone would take that from you. Are you sure it's not just laying face down or something on your cabinet? (she has a filing cabinet that sits in between her small desk and tv stand). It looks like a wood picture frame. Then she looks and says "oh it's down here". Of course it was now unplugged. She couldn't figure out how/where to plug it in. I said just ask someone there where you live, they can get it plugged back in for you. She said she'd ask her guy friend. I never thought to tape that thing's plug in's too!

30 minutes later she calls me with her usual question about her medication dispenser. I bring up the clock thing and she had ZERO memory of any of what we talked about 30 minutes before and now she can't find it at all! Someone must have taken it. I said you just had it 30 minutes ago, so it's there somewhere.......Who knows what she did with it. She's back to "someone" took it. I told her I'll find it Friday when I come get her. I think she ended up calling me like 7 times yesterday. 

In the afternoon she called and said she couldn't find her phone charger. I don't think she even knew what it looked like. She also knew something else was missing, but couldn't remember it's the clock. "but someone is taking my stuff". I told her to go look in her dresser drawers for the charger - thinking she'd just walk into her bedroom with cell phone still at her ear and keep talking while looking. No - complete silence. Finally she comes back on the phone and says "sorry, I had to set my phone down because of the cord plugged into it"....UMMMM...ok, then that's your phone charger plugged in!! OMG. Then it was 5 minutes of her telling me there was no plug in end to it, just a big black thing. Then she tried to tell me besides charging her phone, she uses that plug in for other things, too, but she doesn't know what. (she doesn't LOL) Finally, again, I told her I'll find it Friday when I come get her. At one point I think she was looking in her desk drawers and must have found her old digital camera or it's cord because she says "well, there's this thing that says Olympus on it".

Then there was a call shortly after that, I guess she was just seeing if her cell phone still worked. I said well if the battery dies you have your white phone on your desk you can use to call me. "what phone?" the big white phone sitting on the corner of your desk. "There is no phone there - well, someone took it then". I said, did it maybe get moved to the top of your file cabinet (that's about as far as it could get moved)? No, it's not there. I said hang up and I'm going to call that phone and see if you hear it ringing. Of course she answers it, right in front of her! She says oh, I guess it is here.

DD said when it's time to get her moved, she and her dh will drive over both of their vehicles (pick up with canopy) and an SUV type. They and my dh can get her moved the 2 blocks, while I just take her back here to my house for the day and have her stay over night. They get her new place all set up and we just take her there when it's ready the next day. Sounds like a good plan.

Then when she mentioned something else is missing, but she can't remember what it is, I said it's the clock/calendar. I had to describe it again. Looks like a picture frame, Wood frame. Well, someone took it. I said you found it this morning when we talked and then half hour later it was missing again. No one had been in your apartment. She is starting to not even be able to recognize what things are anymore. When we were talking on her landline phone, I said this is the phone you can use if your cell phone isn't working or lost. She said "oh do I have my "other" phone? Then she says oh it's here in my pocket. It says "Olympus" on it. I said, that's a camera, not your cell phone. You just had your cell phone a couple minutes ago when you called me from it. Then she saw it was sitting on the table next to her chair. So, now she's carrying around a digital camera thinking it's her cell phone??

I'll bet today I'll call her and she will be fine. Most days it's like 50 First Dates movie and her brain just resets and forgets the problems she was having the day before. It also seems to be a common thing on Sundays. I don't know if it's because her place doesn't do any of the daily activities, like it does all the other days of the week, so she doesn't know what to do with herself or what.

I don't know whether to just start calling her on the landline phone only so she gets more used to that or still call her on her cell phone, so she's still having some memory of how to use it? Gosh, I'd love to just get rid of that cell phone. But I know if I lost it for her, she'd be upset for quite awhile, trying to find it, thinking someone took it, etc. 

In between all the phone calls I managed to get done what I wanted yesterday. I got all the presents wrapped. The kitty was a comical help and luckily it ended up being a time in between mom calls, so I wasn't interrupted. I got the chicken cooped cleaned out, too. Around 1pm I texted neighbor down the street to see if they were home and I could stop by and drop off my Christmas goodies sometime that afternoon. She replied back that baby was napping, but afterwards they could stop by as she also needed to give us and other neighbors her goodies and go pick up her mail at the mailbox from the day before. Then I called Mr and Mrs Neighbor and she said they had company coming any minute, so I said no worries, I'll get it over to them another time. I then texted young neighbor back that the other neighbors had company and she said thanks for the intel, LOL. A couple hours later she stopped by with the kids and we traded goodies.

Then, around 4pm or so I noticed Mr and Mrs Neighbors guests were gone, so I walked over there and dropped off the goodies and chatted with them a bit. I didn't realize Mrs. just turned 72. We thought she was 70 now. Dang. She's still working full time and driving almost 50 miles to work each way. But, she is retiring in May, finally. She doesn't seem 72. Mr. just turned 67. 

The little gift boxes I used for the treats had a clear opening in the top and both neighbors saw the rosettes and said "oh! are those rosettes? I haven't had those in years!"

After dinner we tried to watch the new show "1883" on Paramount +. That was a big old bust. It was taking forever to log into the app (I have a Firestick for streaming). It finally did and still was just taking forever to load the show. Then it froze up. I couldn't do anything with the remote. I knew there was a way to restart Firestick with the remote by pressing a couple of the buttons at the same time, but it had been so long since I needed to do that, I couldn't remember which 2 buttons. I googled it from my phone and kept coming up with this long procedure that press these 3 buttons for 12 seconds, blah blah. I'm like what happened to just pushing the 2 buttons at same time? Finally, dh got up and unplugged the firestick from the back of the tv and plugged it back in. The remote still would not work at all. OMG. I'm like ok, did the batteries just die? I replaced the batteries.  DH got up in a huff and went to his den. I googled how to reset the remote, which again was this long procedure of pushing buttons, unplugging the firestick, taking the batteries out of the remote, plugging back in, etc. Only the plug in behind the tv (which is up high above the fireplace) is right in the middle behind the tv and my arm isn't long enough to reach the plug in, so I had to have dh do it. Finally, it started working and I got the show (slowly) on except it was buffering every 5 seconds. So annoying. Then I reset my Firestick again, deleted some unused apps, re installed Paramount + and started the show. All was good for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then it started buffering again. I gave up. I know it's not my Firestick that has the issue. I can stream YouTubeTV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc with zero issues. I went to their Facebook page and lots of people complaining about the same issue. Glad I didn't pay for the service! DD said it was a good show, though.

I tried to reply to the comments I had on yesterday's post, but for some reason Blogger won't let me add comments. 


  1. Slip the battery out while she is not looking. Then, take it to have it 'fixed.' She will be less upset if she does not think it is lost. Maybe people calling that number will help her forget it faster. Poor thing!

    1. that is a better idea you have, though I have a feeling she would keep forgetting for awhile at least, that her phone is getting "fixed". I see my uncle is now only calling her on the landline

  2. Have you decided to move your mom somewhere new soon? Or is that just the plan in general? I feel for her, it is such a scary experience :(

    1. just the plan in general, after the last few weeks. Hoping to be able to wait until after winter is over. Next month I will call the other assisted living/memory care place and see if they have a waiting list or what. Set up a time to go tour and talk with them

  3. Oh my, it sounds like you might need to move your mom again sooner rather than later. I'm so sorry!

    1. Hopefully we can wait until winter is over. I'll need to see if the memory care place has a waiting list or what. Worst case, I can hire help to come in for her until she can get moved.