Thursday, December 23, 2021

Christmas eve eve

It was after lunch yesterday when I finally got my questions answered for my side job. Took quite a bit of nudging on my end and I finally said that I'm going to be away from my desk this afternoon, so here's what I have to give you, with the exception of these 3 items/$ amounts, as I haven't received the info yet. Shortly after I got what I needed, updated the report and sent it off again. I should be done with them for the remainder of the holiday time off. 

I only got one call in the morning from my mom yesterday! Yay! Of course it was to ask me what day I am coming and what time, haha. I am so anxious to get there and see where she put that digital calendar/clock, LOL. It's probably just laying right there somewhere on her desk or tv stand. Because boy, I do not want to have to see which "someone" came in and walked out with it and took it to their apartment, because they must have needed one, haha. :)

I got all the vacuuming done upstairs and down yesterday. The up is the hardest with all being carpet but after doing that my back still actually felt ok, so I continued on the main floor. For like the first time ever, in years, my back didn't hurt very much. I wonder why. The upstairs bath is clean and rooms are ready for guests. Notice kitty in both pictures, LOL.

Today I need to mop and make rosette cookies. That's about it, really. DD and SIL are leaving about 8 (their time) this morning. I'm glad they are getting out earlier as the mountain passes are not looking good. Originally they weren't going to leave until like 11:30, but her dh decided to skip going in to work for a half day (he starts early) so they could get on the road and hopefully get over here before it gets dark. I'm sure it's going to take them quite a bit of extra time as it's snowing and messy on all 3 passes right now. Ugh. They do have a 4 wheel drive pickup, and chains with them if needed and her dh is a good driver and uses his head and is very cautious, but I'll breathe a sigh of relief when they pull in the driveway.

I called that country vets office yesterday to cancel the pets appointment on the 30th. I only got their voicemail because they are only open Tues and Thurs, so I left a message that now that we have 2 pets and with the distance we have decided to go back to a vet in the city, where it's closer to us and more convenient and thanked them for their care of our pets.

DH worked on a project he's had on the books for a long time, just no space to do it. On our old t-bird the power windows wouldn't roll up and down anymore. He had to take the door panels off to get to the part on each door. They didn't need replacing, I guess just cleaned up and greased and work again now. He had also gotten some new fuel line to fix the leak, but that didn't fix it. Now he thinks it's a brass fitting with tiny crack. He went to our town auto parts store yesterday to get one. As usual, in the last year or more, this store has NOTHING in stock. Anything you need they say "we can have that in for you tomorrow". Infuriates dh, especially when it's regular everyday stuff an auto parts store should be stocking and have on hand! Can't even get oil or filters. He said this fitting is a standard part every fulel injected (which is like every car nowadays) car has. It's a 20 mile round trip to town, so add on another trip the next day and 40 miles. Finally yesterday he just told them no thanks, I'll get it somewhere else and ordered it on amazon. He said he's done buying parts there, he'll just start ordering online and it'll be here in a couple/few days. 

While dh was out in the shop working all evening I sat and watched funny instagram videos of this dog and his parents. Check out Tatum Talks. Apparently they have been doing these videos quite awhile and I sat and scrolled through them for like an hour and a half and still didn't see them all.

I haven't received my bonus check yet. Boss said she was putting it in the mail on Monday (along with something from her, which she always sends me a gift card) and it's not showing up in my informed delivery yet. I'm sure it's just an envelope, which seem to be taking normal 3-4 days to get here. Packages on the other hand - ridiculous that almost any package (and most are sent "priority") is now taking 10 days to get here. I guess the definition of priority has changed. I won't even mail packages through them anymore. I have a UPS account online and just create a label and pay for it and our ups guy picks it up. 

Oh, and I almost forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer! Yikes. It's in the fridge now, since later morning yesterday. It should be ready by Saturday, it's not quite 17 lbs, so should thaw out by then. If not I'll soak in water for awhile Saturday morning. My side job boss was just saying yesterday how it's too many things to do and remember this time of year and I agree. 

DD made her 2 kinds of cookies yesterday and is bringing them with her. She had a dr appt early afternoon and then had the rest of the afternoon off so she got them made, rather than trying to do it here, which I didn't think we'd have much time for, since we have to go get my mom tomorrow.

Well, off to eat breakfast, shower and get busy.


  1. Enjoy your day before a house full.

    1. it's amazing how much noisier it is here with 2 more people and 2 more dogs, LOL. We both apparently had the same idea for our blog title today, haha.

  2. Enjoy your visit with DD and DSIL! I took my ham out this morning, and I am doing macaroni in the crock pot for Saturday :)! Kitty continues to make himself at home, haha!

    1. oh ham macaroni sounds really good!I wish dh liked ham.

    2. oh man that is a shame. a nice big ham lasts a good few days. much like a turkey, but i find it jucier!

  3. Have a wonderful ( noisy! 🤣 ) time with your family.

  4. What is ham macaroni? Macaroni with ham chunks? That is really good. Only one call is good for your mother. I am certainly waiting to see where everything has disappeared. Your bedrooms are beautiful.