Saturday, September 26, 2020

Saturday early up

When I logged into my bank account this morning I see now that my mom's new account is also showing. That was a nice surprise. I had just assumed I'd have to do a separate log in to access her account, but since I'm on her account as part owner, it links to mine. That will make life a bit quicker going forward, once I close out her old account. I'll only have to do one log in in the morning to check both our bank accounts.

DH new desk chair arrived earlier than expected, so we got that put together. He seems to really like it. Says it's very comfortable and of course, anything is more comfortable than a wood chair! Plus, it's also nice to have some wheels on a chair, too.

Boy, the Social Security Admin is slow to change direct deposit info! I changed her bank info online, but it won't take effect until her December payment, so we will have to keep her account open until then. And her Medicare Advantage insurance she has can only update premium payment info by printing out a form to mail in. There was a survey on using their website at the end so I gave my input about that, LOL. I just printed it, filled it out, signed her name and am mailing it. Same thing I did the first time to set up her auto payment with it ;)

DH walked down the street to get the mail yesterday afternoon and thought he kept hearing a cat meowing, but he couldn't tell where it was coming from. I went out and looked in the culverts with a flashlight but nothing in there and I never heard any meowing. I see he put the cat food out by the back door again last night, but it still hasn't been touched.

So much for getting to sleep in a bit this morning. Neighbor dog has been barking since it started getting light out. Barking at what? Nothing that I can see.

The high is only going to be mid 50's today. Fall is here for sure. It is supposed to be in the 70's starting Monday, which is perfect. DH was going to blow out the sprinkler lines himself but then decided to have the sprinkler guy do it this first year, so he can watch how he does it. Well, of course he can't give dh a day when he'd come out. Like ever heard of a schedule? it's his "sprinkler blowing out season" you'd think it would be pretty easy to do up a schedule of all your clients during this time period. So, dh decided back to just doing it himself. He needed a couple of things for his air compressor so I got them ordered yesterday. annoying. DH is going to get up really grumpy now.


  1. Damn that constant barking would do my head in!

  2. I would have to say something or burst. The guy probably is not making a schedule or promising anything so that he can take other type jobs as they come up and not have to be constrained by a schedule.