Friday, September 4, 2020

4 day weekend

Got my grocery order placed yesterday afternoon and figured out a menu while my mom is here. Because heaven forbid I feed her the same thing every day! LOL.

I've got a taco soup in the crockpot for today. That way by the time we get back here around 3pm I won't have to make dinner, just make a pan of corn bread to go with it. For breakfast Saturday I have a can of Pilsbury cinnamon rolls I can make (plus we have butterhorns I took out of the freezer). Lunches I'm just going to wing it. I'm not much of a lunch person and DH always has a ham, turkey and cheese sandwich.  Every day, since I have known him, LOL. There still be tons of taco soup leftovers if that sounds good to her for lunch.

Saturday dinner will be a chicken pasta skillet dinner (compliments of Birdseye). Sunday I am going to do meatballs in a sweet and sour sauce over sticky rice, french bread and salad. I used to have a recipe years ago for the sweet and sour meatballs. It was just 3 things: meatballs (which I just buy frozen), apricot preserves, and bbq sauce. Only years ago I lost the recipe for the amounts of preserves and bbq sau,ce so I have not made it in years. I finally just googled it, haha. Easy peasy and will be nice to have something other than our usual meals.

I will return her on Monday after lunch, haha.

Yesterday neighbors grandson told dh (while he was at the fence gate opening between our houses) that they have 5 more sleeps at grandma and grandpa's. Guess that means they aren't leaving until Tuesday. DH gave the 2 older ones who were outside riding their bikes an otter pop while he visited with them. Later when dh went back to shoveling rock he finds the otter pop wrappers out in our street between our houses....both parents had been around, but apparently not paying attention or caring. He said both were on their phones the whole time they were outside with the kids. And he said that's the last otter pops he shares, if they can't be respectful enough to throw away their garbage. They are old enough to know better.

My mom must have called me 4 times yesterday. At 3pm she was trying to remember how to do laundry. And then she says "and someone took stuff out of my apartment". I'm like what stuff? "my dish drainer thing to set dishes in to dry". No, that was in the box we took to goodwill, you said you didn't want it anymore. 3 minutes later I"m repeating that again. I said no one is coming into your apartment and taking things! the only people who even come in there are the housekeeper and she's not taking things. "well, she could". That is going to be the hardest thing I think I will have in dealing with her, I can see. She's obviously going to constantly forget that she used something or spent it and constantly is going to think someone is taking things from her. I sent my uncle a quick email, since he talks to her several times a week, that this is starting to go on more often, so if she's mentioning things are missing, that it's just her memory. He replied back he's starting to notice. I guess she told him the other day her car is missing. She has said to me a few times she misses having her car, but never said it was missing. Maybe he misunderstood her. She has never seemed to have any problem remembering she gave him her car, that I know of.

I also bought 2 jigsaw puzzles off of ebay for $16. Seemed the cheapest route to go that I could find (but barely, they are expensive because most have high shipping costs with them). I think they are arriving today or tomorrow. I'm not sure because I also ordered a Christmas gift for DH that is coming. Some wood carved buffalo bookends. Been wanting to get him those for a couple of years now. But, anyway, maybe the puzzles are something that can keep mom occupied while here.

I finally got to see "our" cat for the first time, LOL. He was at the back door eating the food about 9:45 last night. He's a bit smaller than he looks in the game camera photos. I tried to open the back door but he took right off. He did come back and finish the food off, at some point.


  1. The kids will probably ask for more otter pops. Husband can point out why they cannot have another. Maybe they can learn something. Poor children with such disinterested parents.

    1. it's kind of a surprise that the parents are like that. It kind of seems like the mom is just too overwhelmed with 4 little ones, but maybe if she'd put her phone down for 10 minutes it wouldn't be so hard for her.

  2. It's sad that your mom is starting to think she's losing things (or, more importantly, that people are "taking" things). My mom started to get a bit like that at the end. Thought someone was taking cash out of her purse. My sister always kept on top of it (and obviously no-one was taking the money), but mom used to forget what she had spent it on. I feel for you!

    1. what did your sister say to your mom to help her not think someone took the money? My biggest fear is that at some point she's going to think I am taking stuff!