Friday, September 11, 2020

Mad dash morning

When I logged into my mom's bank account yesterday morning I see the two small checks trying to clear that she wrote to me over the weekend (that I had mobile deposited before I found out about the fraud check).  When I talked to to the fraud person on Tuesday and asked her what to do about any checks still needing to clear, that are legit, she said to just call and tell them to "force pay" them. I swear they were not showing on there Wednesday. So, I call and the lady asks me what time is it where you are?'s 11:06. She says oh darn, our cut off is 11am for force paying checks to clear. Then she said hold on, let me see if I can fib a little and make this work. So she apparently had to note that I had been on hold since before 11, so technically I did call before their cut off time, LOL. Whatever works! It wasn't a huge deal, but less work on my end to deal with my mom, if I had to get her to write me another check and have to explain it all again to her.

All week I have been going to make some sweet and sour meatballs in my crockpot and every day I keep forgetting until it's like 3pm, when I'm going hmmm...what should be have for dinner tonight?  I'm getting as bad as my mom, so I made myself a note yesterday day afternoon so I see when I sit down to my computer this morning. I'll get it all going in the crockpot a little later this morning when I go back down to get my breakfast. I always take my cup of coffee up to my office and (slowly) drink that first and then an hour or so later get a little bit of breakfast.

That side chair I ordered for my upstairs loft area finally shipped today. Yay! After all this wait, I sure hope I like it.

As I'm typing this out first thing this morning I happen to notice the landline phone on my desk is showing a voicemail. Take a listen. It's a friend that called last evening while we were outside and I hadn't been back upstairs after I stopped work so didn't see it until this morning. Said he's going to be in our area today and wants to stop by. DH calls him right away and they are in town and will stop by in a bit....SO.........mad dash to tidy up. I hadn't even showered yet, haha. But, I'm all ready for them now. House is perfect, LOL.

The friend stopping by is an old friend of DH's he's known since grade school. He now lives on the east side of the state, so we don't see him too often, but they do talk on the phone every couple of months or so.


  1. Things don't thaw in Tommy's refrigerator in one day, so I have to remember to put something out the morning before! That's hard to remember.