Monday, March 16, 2020

The money edition

Since DH and I are pretty much home bodies, we don't come into contact with others much. Dh does have to go do a bank deposit in town today. He likes to go inside. I told him to use the drive thru window this time. His inheritance check came from his dad's will. It was more than expected, so that was a nice surprise. We have a few things we want to use it for. #1 being having the fence put up. We already have all the materials, just need to pay for the labor to put it up. The other item is a riding lawn mower/tractor. One that can double as a snow plow in winter. He's found one last week, used, on craigslist, so we are hoping it's still available. A huge savings compared to new. The fencing will sure help with the neighbor dogs, especially as now the weather is getting nicer and they will probably be let out of their kennel much more often.  And we won't have to worry about our dogs wandering over there, when we let them out. They don't usually go over there, unless one of them is outside, then of course they want to go say hello.

Speaking of neighbor - he's going to be doing the Census taking as another one of his side jobs. DH said he turned the corner into town going to the bank and neighbor was just getting out of his car at the little dog grooming place. DH had our dogs with him. DH stops and says "hey, you gotta count dogs, too?!" Neighbor says yep - what you got in the car? males or females? LOL. DH said he joked "I ain't telling the gov't how many dogs I have" and rolled up the window pulling away. Neighbor yelled as he was driving away...I'll find you. I know where you live! LOL

I'm waiting for a call from my side jobs lender they are working with on possibly purchasing a building, rather than renting their office. They need me to explain their accounts receivables, which no lender ever seems to understand the manufacturer's rep business model. I'm not looking forward to the call, but I told my boss lady (owners wife, who is technically their CFO, yet she has no background in accounting, so she doesn't know how to communicate the info to the lender) I'll do my best to explain it to him. Then I emailed my boss on my full time job, because I know she's had to explain this exact same thing to lenders over the years and I wanted some advice on how best it's explained. She basically told me all I was thinking to say anyway, so I guess I do kinda know what I'm doing, LOL. She also said that is why we have such a long/strong relationship with our personal banker, because then she doesn't have to explain it anymore because he's been with us so long now, he understands how it works. I'm also guessing lenders are pretty nervous now about lending......

DH's brother said he was grocery shopping in the city today (or maybe it was yesterday) said it's bad. Stuff cleared out of shelves. Joked with DH he's coming to get my supply of spaghetti noodles, LOL.

My mom cannot remember that her rent deposit and move in fee for her new apartment was paid with her credit card. Every 2-3 days she asks me about a large charge on her card (that she can see when she logs into her bank) and after I tell her she say "oh ya, that's right". And now worrying about Covid19 sure isn't helping her any. When I was talking to her yesterday she thought she was still getting free rent where she is. She did get like first 3 months free, but she's been paying since then. The last check she wrote was 2 weeks ago for about $3550, but she doesn't remember that now. I told her no, you've been paying rent the past few months and writing checks. So, that seems to be slipping from her now, too. I can't wait to get her over here and be done with all this stress. I know there will still be stress with her and her failing memory, but at least I'll be right by to deal with it.

Ok.........well I just pulled the trigger and sent my side job boss lady an email to ask for an increase in my monthly amount they pay me. It's been 2015 since I last had an increase from them. I didn't ask for a specific amount. We were talking salary in general in an email, so I figured this was a good time to bring it up. I guess the worse they can do is say no, right? They have me pretty dang cheap, so I hope they realize that. Now waiting....LOL


  1. I hope you get that raise. It never hurts to ask.😊

    1. that's what I finally decided. Plus, figured I'd leave it open and see if they come up with an amount vs. me saying how much....maybe I'll get more than I was thinking of asking for ;)

  2. Replies
    1. she will be about a 35-40 minute drive from me

    2. No, it won't be bad at all. There's no traffic in this area so it's a good drive

  3. I am glad you brought up the raise issue. Hope, they give you a nice raise.