Tuesday, March 24, 2020

It's just a chicken coop

I went back to the eye doctor this morning. He took off the contact lens and my eye is now about 80% healed, so that is good. Since I live so far away and to avoid yet another drive into the city, he thinks that with how far it's progressed, that if I just keep putting drops (he has me now on Thera tears preservative free drops) in every half hour today and then use the ointment tonight, it should be getting all healed in the next day or two. He feels this will be ok, rather than putting another contact lens back on it for another 24 hours. The part that needs to heal, though, is still right over my vision, so it's still somewhat blurry and hard to read, so I am just doing very minimal computer work again today.

DH started on the shed/chicken coop on Saturday. He hired a local guy to help him. This guy basically does construction type jobs on the side, I guess. DH did not want woodworker friend to help, for several reasons. But, somehow he found out DH was starting on it and came over to help anyway (and probably because he knows DH will pay him if he helps)

So, on top of my eye it's been a frustrating 3-4 days because DH is beyond frustrated with woodworker guy. First off he's like 73 years old so DH didn't want him here helping, thinking he needed to be up on roof of shed, etc. Second off, he's EXTREMELY annoying to work with and DH just doesn't have the energy or patience to deal with him right now.

I think the reason he knew Dh was going to be starting on it was that DH posted a picture on Facebook of the roof trusses after they got delivered last week. So, he shows up Friday afternoon and starts in badgering DH about every little thing. Part of it is just his personality - he thinks he's joking/teasing, apparently. He's standing there (nothing had been started yet) and it was a bombardment of "how are you doing this? why are you doing it that way? that's stupid. It's just a chicken coop. You could have had this done in 2 hours. On and on. He basically thinks he's in charge of it all and he's so not.

Saturday later morning the guy we hired to help shows up and he and DH get started but then woodworker guy shows up to help. "No, you need to do it this way!" all day long. They got the second wall built and were trying to get it set (very heavy and tall) and he almost pushed it over on the other guy. DH was yelling at him to STOP! just stop moving it (he was trying to shove it onto the bolts in the floor) or we're gonna get hurt!

Here's what DH is dealing with every minute he's here:
it's just a shed (or it's just a chicken coop) you don't need to use 2x6's.
DH: I have lots of leftover 2x6's from the house build. I'm going to use those up so they are out of my way.
why are you putting stone around the base of it? - it's just a chicken coop!
DH: because I want the outbuilding to match my house and shop and because I have 7 boxes of stone left over. I want to use it up and get it out of my way.
you don't need a vapor barrier 
DH: yes, I do. Not to mention that's how I want it built.

It just goes on and on. He would constantly interrupt the other guy (and DH) to tell them how to do stuff.(this other guy knows what he is doing, too!) Then he tells DH that his girlfriend (he's a 73 year old dating a 40 some year old who is already supposedly married) has extra laying hens. She'll just give me a few of hers. DH tells him he'll have to talk to me. The actual chickens are my department. I happened to go outside later Sunday so he tells me and I say "oh, thanks anyway but I already told my friend I'll will take the 3 extra chicks she has. She's been keeping them for me". Then he goes on and on about well, these are already grown, I won't have to wait 4-6 months to find out one or more of them is a rooster. I finally, said that's ok, I'm good, but thanks anyway and I walked back into the house. DH said all day long DH kept trying to "joke" with him and say "if you are going to be my boss on this job, you're gonna have to pay me more" Hoping he'd get the hint that DH is the one making the decisions on how this is built. At one point dh said he had to get kinda crappy with him and say "stop. I don't care how you did it in Kentucky....I'm building this my way".

The guy we hired to help can't come back until about 4pm Monday (yesterday) because he's working on another job. No problem. Dh goes out to work on what he can. Then he realizes they made the window opening too small. He was so mad. He's paying to have it built and then having to spend 3 hours of his day to re-do it! DH knows it was woodworker guy who messed this up. Hired guy shows up at 4 and no woodworker guy, so dh was like "whew, he's not coming today" and they get busy. The other guy was relieved he wasn't there, too. DH was trying to explain to him that, yes some of the materials are more than necessary, but we're trying to use the leftovers up and also trying to make a really nice outbuilding. DH pointed over to our neighbors million dollar house....."I'm not building a crappy shed and a normal chicken coop". I'm building a very nice garden shed/outbuilding that just happens to have a chicken coop included at the end of it, so it all blends in.

I told DH on Saturday (they only worked like 4 hours on Saturday) to just tell woodworker guy, hey, I love ya but I can't work with ya, so that's why I hired S to help. Nothing personal, I just only need one person helping me. But, no, DH couldn't do that so then he had to deal with all this crap and get himself all upset.

I told DH last night that honestly, the more I've gotten to know the guy the less I can stand to be around him very long. He spends his whole time we are around him putting DH down. Tries to joke, but it's not joking. Then if I'm there he then tries to put dh down and get me involved. "How do you live with this guy? where'd you find him? Why'd you let him do it that way? is he always like this?" He just never lets up. I told DH that's why lately, if he stops by, I just stay in the house or up in my office. I don't feel like listening to him anymore. I get it that he lives on $800 a month social security (plus whatever he earns with his woodworking, etc) but just because there is a way to shortcut everything, there is also a right way if you don't want to short cut. We don't. We want this outbuilding to still be standing strong and looking good 15-20 years from now, not drooping, leaning and rotting because we threw up a cheap shoddy shed. I don't make $800/mo - I make his $800 in 2 working days - I think we can afford to do this so it's strong and structural and looks really nice on our property/in our nice neighborhood.

And of course the whole thing is taking WAY more time to build than DH thought. He figured they'd have it up and ready to roof and stone in 2-3 days. (certainly was going to take more than a couple of hours). Dh decided to see if the guy who roofed our shop and house could swing by and roof it sometime soon. He says he'll come on Thursday and do it for $300.  I'm not sure when the mason/stone guy is coming. DH loves the mason guy. They still keep in touch all the time via text so it will be really good to see him again when he comes.


  1. I already cannot stand the guy. He is "kidding on the square." That is telling what you think with a laugh while being serious, hoping people get the message and they laugh or do as you want or get the message. I can get rid of this guy....lol.
    Seriously, when he comes, just do not let him lay a finger on anything. Meet him as he comes up the driveway and tell him you do not need him anymore. You do not have to give excuses. If he follows, turn and put up your hand like "stop." and say nothing. Don't speak again, just hold up hand and listen and walk away. It may take several times. If he insists on staying, tell him he has to pay to watch and cannot speak...lol.

    A vapor barrier on the ground is a good thing. Just do not insulate it. Chickens will die. Leave a space at the top for ventilation so chickens will not get damp from their own body respiration. Look this up if you do not agree. AND, they do not need heat. Mine lived in 9 degrees in a Rubbermaid box in the open.

    1. The vapor barrier is for the garden shed part, to keep the walls and insulation in that part dry and moisture free. He will be storing his lawn tractor and other garden things in there. The coop part is going to be open (but with wire of course) and then their little walled coop area to go inside to sleep and nest. No insulation there. The woodworker guy is just too much for me and I can usually put up with annoying people pretty well. I just don't like the constant putting DH down and acting like he's stupid, when he's certainly not and very capable and smart.

  2. Damn that guy would drive me nuts. Can't you just take his batteries out? And I agree with More Parsimony. I learned a long time ago that people who say rude things and then try to pretend it was a joke are actually not kidding. Good luck with him!

    1. Thats exactly what he's like. Batteries that won't turn off. He was funny the first few times he jokingly put down DH. Now, after months if it, I'm over it and don't need it in my life

  3. I would tell him, "That is my husband, and he is very smart." If he does keep it up, tell him if he ever shut up, he would realize it too. I agreed with the vapor barrier. Tommy's cheap shed that was here when he bought the place, is rotting and the lawn mower is rusting because there is no vapor barrier.

    "We did not build this expensive house to put up a shitty shed in the backyard!"

    Think up lots of comebacks and be ready for him.

  4. That we make me crazy!
    I don't think I could be nice very long. 😮

    1. Dh had finally just had enough of him yesterday and after he left the other guy said good. Someone needed to shut him up

    2. What did husband say to get rid of him?

    3. I thought I wrote that part! I guess that's what happens with blurry vision and trying to write a post off and on with breaks in between. I'll write that in the next post.