Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Figuring stuff out

I'm slowing working out the new computer "bugs". One annoying thing is while I am logged into work it keeps freezing up every so often for like 30 seconds or so. Often. It never used to do that before, so if it continues I will have to contact IT.  This morning I am trying to reconcile the bank statement and can't find yet what I am off. Usually, if I just take a break from looking at it for a little bit, I come back and find it right away.

I realized the day before yesterday that my mom's online access to her retirement account got updated with my email address added (and SB's removed) but they didn't update the contact phone numbers to remove his and add mine (I had emailed her investment manager an email about updating both the email and phone contacts and a copy of the new DPOA awhile back). So, I emailed again. Apparently his assistant called my mom yesterday afternoon to say she needs that done in writing with my mom's signature. Good grief. They can change the email, but not a phone number? And can't do it with her verbal authorization? Of course the call confused my mom, because when she gets caught off guard with something she wasn't expecting, she gets flustered now. The assistant told my mom she needs to "type it out, sign it and mail it in". My mom says to her "well, I don't have a typewriter to do that". LOL. I guess she told her she'd call me about it. I explained to my mom I can type it out for her on my computer and email it to her and we'll see if she can print it out on her printer. Then mom can sign and mail it in. I'm not having high hopes this will be an easy process!

I also had to explain to mom why they needed this, in as easy an explanation as possible (and knowing she won't remember it 15 minutes later). I explained that SB's phone numbers are on her account and so he could technically log in and see her investment info if he's still on her account. She understood and said "oh, of course. I don't want that".

I'm thinking when I call her this morning I'm going to (hopefully) get on her computer with the remote program I set up on her computer (you know...the one SB deleted last summer because he thought it was spam). Open the letter (I don't even know if she has a word document type of program on her computer). Send it to her printer and then we should be good. Worse comes to worse, DD can just do it for me on Sunday, when she visits or I can just print it out, mail it to her with an already addressed and stamped envelope included and she can sign and mail in.

We've been using DD's YouTube TV family sharing the past few months. But, it only works for like 3 months and then if I don't (can't is more like it) sign in my youtubetv/google account from her wi-fi then it deactivates. That's what happened last year and then when I visited her a few months ago we set me up again. It's due to expire on 3/8 unless I sign in from her home again. I think I figured out a way to keep it. I guess I'll know for sure on 3/8, haha. But, the message that I was getting warning me it was about to expire went away. It's been a good live tv source for us, I just don't want to pay $50 a month for it, LOL. I can also watch some live shows and channels through my mom's Xfinity account, but that will be going away when she moves over here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this little trick DD and I tried works. We don't watch a ton of tv, but it is nice to have when there is something we'd like to watch.


  1. Life will be easier on you and your mom both once she relocates closer. You are doing a great job managing form afar.

    1. thank you! Today was a struggle and sure made both her and I realize how much easier it will be when she's very nearby.