Monday, May 27, 2019

Window treatments

Last day of the 3 day weekend. Boo! The weather has been crap, but oh well. The mason is here today working, so that is good. A friend stopped by and he picked up some scrap wood DH wants to get rid of, so that is good, too.  DH is building some wood "frames" (I don't know what you would call them) around the base of our back patio and front porch posts, so they can have stone put around the base of them, too.

I got some bedroom and bathroom window treatments ordered. The only reason I haven't done it before is because I could not decide what look I wanted! And this weekend seems to be the weekend all the blinds/window treatment stores are having big sales. For now I am getting some cheap tier curtains for the two bathroom windows. They are pretty big windows (34x46 and 46x46). I'm just going to do tier curtains that are 24" in height and leave the top of the windows uncovered. It should give us privacy (if someone was outside, LOL) but still have the light and be able to see outside. I will put them on bronze tension rods, inside the window casing. Total cost, after my $10 in Target gift cards I have is $52.

For the bedroom I'm just getting treatments for the windows that face side of house. I'm not going to do anything yet with the one's facing the river, but most likely I will end up getting something for that too. We have windows on each side of where our bed will be (28x54) that are tall and narrow and a horizontal window (70x16) across above the bed up near ceiling. For the two windows on each side of the bed I'm going with roman shades. I've never had those before. For the long horizontal window I'm doing a cellular shade (like I did with the long horizontal window in my office room and our previous house.

First I priced out at Lowes (because when I was in there the other day I noticed a sign that said custom blinds and shades were 40% off). Then I priced at won. They were on sale there, plus I got a coupon code for $20 off my order, plus 3.5% Ebates cash back.

Once I decided on what styles I wanted, then I had to decide on that was another hour of trying to decide, LOL. For the roman shades I went with "Chenille Flagstone" and for the cellular shade I went with "Sandy Beige".  Both said about 9 days to make, so I'm guessing they will be here in about 2 weeks.  Total for those 3 shades/blinds was $224.

I will also need something for my office and 2 guest bedrooms. Again, I haven't decided what I want. Probably will just go with wood blinds in those rooms. We will also probably put up something in the dining room on the two windows that face the end of the house and look to our neighbors house. Nothing urgent and I will figure it out later.

Our neighbors we had in town are supposed to stop by today, but we haven't seen them yet. I'm ready for a nap, but I know if I lay down, they will come, haha. I've gotten a bunch of laundry done today. My clothes and washed all the bedding.


  1. I like wood blinds. Unlike the other plastic kind, these look really nice and they are easier to clean.

    1. I like the wood, too. We had Bali wood blinds in our last house. I bought some faux wood ones for the shop bathroom and like them, too.

  2. We could use new ones, but not in the budget now. I agree-wider and wood blinds are much more maintenance friendly than the skinny plastic or metal ones.

    1. I've had those plastic and metal ones before, too. I much prefer the wood (or faux wood) ones. I did really like the cellular shade I had bought for a high horizontal window at my previous house. I decided to try the roman shades for our bedroom, as we have so many windows, that are wood wrapped, and I thought wood blinds might start to look like too much wood everywhere, haha.