Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday tid bits

The dogs and I are kind of locked in the shop for the day. More concrete is being poured (because it hasn't rained). They are pouring the part right in front of the shop door, so no way out at the moment. And concrete is being replaced. Why? Because the border around our front entrance slab was crap, because they poured it at the beginning of last winter, it was 18 degrees that night and they didn't put blankets over it to protect it, while it cured. They also had to tear out a strip at the edge of our garage pad, that they just poured Tuesday, because it (I guess) dried too fast, before they could get it prepped and it cracked a bunch. (that was mostly a result of them not having enough crew for what they poured). So, the 3 of them spent yesterday afternoon until like 8pm last night cutting and digging out the bad concrete.

We let the dogs out a whole bunch this morning, before the mixer truck got here, so hopefully they can manage to stay in until this afternoon. By then we should also be able to open one of the front shop big doors to get out of (I mean squeeze out of. as there is all our stuff stored up to the doors). Right now, if DH needs something out of the shop, he's coming to a window in the back and I'm handing it out to him. LOL. He's been joking that this is just like the walk up drug window we lived next door to for so many years. I told him he hasn't been giving me anything good in trade for what I'm handing out the window, haha.

My mom and her BF made it home to her house. Sounds like kind of a long drive. I'm not sure where they stayed past our place (I think about 25 or 30 miles, is all) but should have been about a 6 hour drive from there, but took them like 9 hours. She said they hit some traffic areas. I'm sure they stopped for lunch, too.

My M-Turks earning is going well. I've been beating my $5 Mon-Fri goal most days. Usually I can get to $5 by lunch time and then anything I can get after that I keep trying for. Some days $7, some days up to $12. If I have time on weekends, I see what I can do, but it's usually very minimal, like .50 to a $1. I transfer to my bank account when I hit $25 and the past couple of weeks I've been hitting $25 every 3-4 work days.  Today, I am at $5.35 (before noon) and supposedly I also will be getting a $2 bonus from one of the hits.

The guy from the bank just stopped in for a progress check. Asked DH how's it going? while DH is being one of the concrete guys.....DH says "I'm tired of paying people for work I'M doing!". He asked what is left and DH told him. Then he said "should I have bank lady call for an appraisal?" DH was like I don't know, you guys know how all that works. Apparently, we have to know their job, too.

I've been reading a good book (e book borrowed from library) called A Discovery of Witches. Basically, a more adult version of Twighlight series (which I enjoyed). I'm just about done with the first book (3 books in series) and why isn't the 2nd book available as an e-book? how dumb. They also have the 3rd book. I did just find that they offer the whole trilogy as an e-book, so I have reserved that on my waiting list. I see someone offers a "pdf e-book" version of all 3 books for .99 on ebay. Wonder how that would be to read on my ipad? According to my library the wait time is estimated at 20 weeks. Ugh. I do have quite a few other books that just released out of my "holds", so maybe those can keep me busy, but only for a few weeks.          

Dish sent me a box to send back my equipment in. It showed up yesterday. This morning I got a recorded call that I have 2 days to get it sent back. Well, it's going to have to wait until tomorrow, as I can't even get myself out of here today, let alone my car.


  1. I think your husband has a point there. He should bill the contractor, who is supposed to manage the project, all the time he worked even if jokingly...

  2. I know you were happy to see your Mom. Moms are the best & we only get 1!
    I hope they get your concrete right. I know concrete is a tricky process. I wish we had supervised more closely when our front walk was poured.
    You have to be so close now.

    1. it was really good to see her and we'll see her again in a couple months at DD's wedding. Concrete sure is tricky to get right.