Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Cabinet pulls installed

it was a productive day yesterday. I didn't realize the mason was still coming part of this week, so he's almost done with the shop now. The plumber guys came and other than one part in our master shower we are all done with plumbing! They forgot the diverter that turns on the overhead shower. The two water heaters work, all plumbing works now.They are just going to mail us the diverter and DH can just screw it on the fitting.

DH got all the 67 drawer/door pulls on all the cabinets. That little template I bought sure made the job easier for him. They look really nice, I think. He was really nervous at first to drill holes in the nice wood.

I bought these pulls (and the longer screws we needed) from Amazon. They were only like $1.89 each, compared to $3-4 each at Lowes or Home Depot. I got a box of 100 screws for $16. The pulls came with two sizes of screws, 1" and 1 1/2" but for these drawers we needed 1 3/4".

The master bathroom feels so spacious. It will be nice each having our own sink again. It will be really nice having more than one bathroom, LOL. Mornings can get a bit scary around here, haha - DH takes way too long sitting on the toilet (is that just a guy thing?!) and sometimes I really gotta go. And I'm not running across the property, in the cold mornings, to the sanican.  Speaking of that thing, we should be able to finally send it back at the end of this month. $95 a month for over a year now. And it hardly ever gets used much, really. But we had to have it....cuz all those construction workers weren't coming inside our shop to use the bathroom, that's for sure.

I'm also really liking the kitchen faucet I picked out. It's got a pull down sprayer and a soap dispenser.
I'm glad the plumber guy told me how to fill the soap dispenser. He said most people think they have to unscrew it from underneath. Nope. Just pull out the pump on top and fill it up. He also suggested we just buy the kit that is used to maintenance our two tankless water heaters (one in house and one in shop). He recommends doing it twice a year. It's a pump thing that puts the solution through the valves to clean it out. He said they charge like $200 (each) to do it and the kit costs like $100-$150 and you can reuse it every time.

I had a good M-Turks day yesterday. Over $12. I'm at $3.20 of my daily $5 goal so far this morning. Today I recieved my Ebates (now Ratuken) quarterly payment of $76. I don't like waiting 3 months between payments, but I think I'm doing better getting rebates through that platform rather than Swagbucks. Part of that $75 was $25 from referring DD. Next quarter, so far, I will have almost $50 coming. I earned a nice $47 cash back from purchasing my refrigerator online.  I also will get some money from Adsense around the 20th, as I went over $100 from the blog. It usually takes me 4 months to earn that, haha. I anticipate getting that money from selling those 4 shares of stock in about 10 days or so. They should have them by now (I mailed last Wednesday) and then they said it takes them 5 days to sell and then they will send a check 2 days after that. If price of the stock doesn't change much, I should end up with about $275, after their fee of $15.


  1. I think, the hardest working person in this construction project is your husband. Kudos to him! Once the job is done, he will need to come up with new projects outside or in the shop so that he will not be bored. Sounds like your plumber is a good guy too. Love the sink and the faucet set.

    1. He is very hard working on all this! (and usually everything he does). Everyone keeps asking him what he's going to do when it's all done. Well, we'll have a yard to put in. Then spring-Fall he'll be busy keeping it up every year. He'll get to organize his shop AND (he better) start selling off a lot of this "stuff". That could take him a year, haha. Winter he can work on that and plow snow :)

  2. Your sink is just gorgeous! It is a good thing you both are able to take on the roles others keep forgetting to do properly.

    1. thanks, we are loving the sink, too. This cooper sink was actually less expensive than many of the white farmhouse sinks I saw for sale online. I was surprised.